Valeton GP-100 Firmware

Started by admin, January 03, 2022, 02:34:23 PM

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GP-100 Firmware Release Note                       

Changes & Bug Fixes in Version 1.7 (Released 12/22/2021)

    1. "No Cab Mode" option added in the "Global Settings -Input/Output"
    2. "Monitor Volume" setting added in "Global Settings-USB Audio"
    3. New effect "Mess EQ" in EQ module
    4. Optimize the audio signal flow and increase the maximum range of output volume
    5. Optimized sound effects in the DLY module, increasing the volume and feedback volume.
    6. Certain effect bugs causing abnormal crashes fixed.
    7. Parameter adjustment failure that may occur when importing presets fixed.
    8. System language added - Russian

This New update has increased all output volumes, please turn them down before finishing the update.
THIS UPDATE WILL AFFECT USER PATCHES. If you need to return to the previous saved state, please save the MIX and Feedback parameters of the effect in the DLY module by half amount.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Version 1.6 (Released 7/27/2021)

    1. GP-100VT support added
2. Other minor bug fixes

Changes & Bug Fixes in Version 1.5 (Released 9/30/2020)

    1. Tap Tempo function added (hold left footswitch to engage)
2. Global tap tempo control for PRE, MOD and DLY modules added
3. Optimized IR cabs.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Version 1.4 (Released 9/1/2020)

    1. You can now set more language options available (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian)

Changes & Bug Fixes in Version 1.3 (Released 7/14/2020)

    1. Some drum rhythms cannot be correctly loaded - FIXED
    2. Now drum tempo will not be changed when you change drum rhythms

Version 1.2 (Released 6/5/2020)