Boss EV-1-WL wireless MIDI expression pedal

Started by Bear, July 15, 2021, 07:39:40 AM

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The EV-1-WL arrived a couple of days ago along with a separately ordered BOSS 1.5m mini TRS-to-MIDI cable (only waited several months).

Works very well in all modes: BT OUT, USB OUT, MIDI OUT. Setup (calibration/connection) is super easy.

LEDs are pretty!  :-* Pedal is fairly light weight and feels good -- compared to a Mission dual function/switching pedal I had a few years back now that was like a brick in terms of weight and build.

Also very much appreciate the additional FS-6/7 etc. input on the left hand side of the device.

Mine is now connected via 5-pin MIDI to the SY-1000 which expands functionality immensely -- but it's also easy enough to flip functions and use it as a standalone device with your computer, tablet or phone.

Highly recommended.
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Did someone try to connect two pedals ? One via cable, and second via Bluetooth?
Cheers- Romek.


You mean connect the 2 pedals together and then transmit the two pedals combined? I'm quite sure that's not possible.

But you could surely connect one by USB and one via BT to the same device.
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One distinction of Boss EV-1-WL Expression pedal is the user definable sweep Curve of the Expression Pedal , most other aspects share same functions as the FS-1-WL, which also supports connected Expression pedal but the FS-1-WL control app lacks the deeper Expression pedal editing found on the EV-1-WL
.  And remember EV-1-WL has a definable Toe Switch


My favorite feature of the EV1-WL is,
 the EXP pedal has a toe switch,
 which can send a CC# on its own, but when the EXP switch is activated,
 the EXP pedal can send a different CC# from the CC# sent while the EXP switch is off.

 The EXP pedal switch also illuminates an led on both sides of the EXP pedal too, so it is easy to see that the EXP switch is activated.
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