SY-1000 Bass - Gumtown gig set

Started by gumtown, July 10, 2021, 07:03:20 PM

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Here is my current selection of patches,
Most use a GR-55 plugged into the SY-1000 return, but hold up on their own.
Others are made for a midi sound module (Roland Fantom Xr) plugged into the Return and send patch midi commands.
But all use the midi in EXP pedal cc# from the GR-55 to control the mix blend of the Return, or control SY-1000 effects.

They use the SY-1000 GK bass and preamp (bass mode).
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thanks for this.  i'll load them up and experiment.

would it be correct to assume that you are using mostly the pcm sounds from the gr-55 in this configuration?  if so, are you typically running those through the sy-1000 amps (while disabling the ones from the gr-55)?


Yes I use the GR-55 for mostly PCM tones, but I don't usually run them through preamps,
only guitar/bass type tones need run through guitar/bass preamps.

Both the GR-55 and SY-1000 are setup to run "stand alone", but things sound better with both.
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Very nice sounds! Thank you for this.


Thank you gumtown :)

I'm curious about the setup to run the gr55's expression pedal to drive the SY1000.
I read that you also have a DIY Y cable to control the 2 machines at the same time

I just found the GR55 and a GK3-B with the 13 pin cable at a really good price. So the question is relevant to me.

As I now have 3 good 13pin cables and one defective on a pin, I was wondering if I can solder the y myself and if the addition of voltage is not a problem for the GK3. Unless I'm mistaken, in principle the Y assembly is like a parallel assembly? the voltage stays the same and the amperage increases, right? always +7V pin12 and +7v pin13.