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The GTRS Guitar is the next generation of guitar products, offering a complete, lightweight digital and analog guitar system built from the ground up. This system starts off with a one of-a-kind guitar equipped with GTRS Intelligent Processor System designed in conjunction with master guitar builders and MOOER's digital sound engineers. This guitar is designed to function with its dedicated mobile application to offer seamless integration of classic guitar stylings and modern digital simulation technology. Utilizing the unique Super-Knob, GTRS can quickly adapts to a variety of situations with the press of a button. The GWF4 Wireless Footswitch is also available to provide complete control of your tone during live performance, recording, or practice sessions.

As the first guitar from MOOER Audio, the GTRS boldly expresses MOOER's philosophy of innovative technology and tonal flexibility with unmatched affordability. The first Standard 800 model features an American basswood body, roasted maple neck, and a rosewood fingerboard S800 that feels great in the hand and provides all of the functionality of a normal guitar when the GTRS intelligent process system is turned off. The GTRS S-S-H alnico V pickup configuration was specifically chosen to provide the maximum amount of tonal flexibility while adhering to tried-and-true guitar designs. The volume and tone knobs, as well as the pickup switch, can all be used to tweak your tone without worrying about battery life or other digital aspects of the GTRS guitar.

Neck   Roasted Maple
Roasted Maple   Bolt-on
Neck Finish   Satin Natural
Tuners   GTRS Vintage Style Chrome
Nut   42mm Bone Nut
Profile   Standard C
Fingerboard   Rosewood
Radius   12''
Frets   22 Nickel Silver
Scale   25-1/2''
Truss Rod   Dual Action Steel
Body   America basswood
Body Finish   High Gloss
Strap Pin   GTRS Strap Pin Chrome
Bridge   GTRS 2-Point Tremolo Chrome
Pickup   GTRS SC-1N Alnico V, GTRS SC-1M Alnico V, GTRS HM-1B Alnico V
Strings   09-42
Power   GLB-P1 Li-ion Battery 4000mA
USB-C   Support recording, charging battery
Bluetooth   5.0
APP   iOS /Android Support Cloud Sharing
Processor   GTRS Intelligent Process System
GTRS Super Knob
GTRS app
Wireless Footswitch
Just Play It!
The GTRS ecosystem starts off with the one-of-a-kind guitar equipped with the GTRS Intelligent Processor System. This guitar is designed to function with and be controlled by its dedicated mobile application to offer seamless integration of traditional guitar features and modern digital simulation technology.

GTRS Gig Bag
GTRS Guitar for beginner and Pros
It's quite big task for guitarists on tour - all the pedalboard, amps, equipment and set up become increasingly difficult to haul and distract from the enjoyment of the tour and the music. GTRS aims to solve this problem by providing a product that can be setup and controlled by a mobile application, but doesn't solely rely on while playing.

All in One GTRS Intelligent Processor System
The free GTRS APP offers up a wide variety of tools to shape guitar tones and aid in live streaming, recording, and practice. After connecting the GTRS guitar via Bluetooth. These presets can be customized and shaped through the app, saved to the GTRS guitar and even uploaded to the cloud to share with other users.

GWF4 Black
GWF4 Guitar Wireless Control
GWF4 Wireless Footswitch is a four-channel footswitch for switching between presets and toggling effects when using the GTRS Intelligent guitar, the footswitch LEDs will also indicate current status, and the LED display screen shows the currently selected preset name.

GTRS Intelligent Guitars footswitch

And now for the details...
The S800 will come in four colours, white, pink, blue and pink. And that is the total extent of the information available at the time of writing. The accompanying promo video is devoid of any detailed specifications, so we'll have to wait until we get some more in-depth insights about the effects, amps and accompanying smartphone/tablet app.

You can check out the video below and sign up for more information from the link below.


Seems a bit like a toy and more geared towards beginners but it's definitely something I want to try. Use this with a modeler or pedal that can drop pitch to E flat and then just physically tune to Drop D if needed and you have a lot of versatility at your hands. Mooers stuff sounds pretty decent too for what it's worth



Problem I see with this is shipping to and from China.  There hasn't been any indication of being sold via US retailers. But the email newsletter said they finalized prices in Hong Kong dollars which makes me think it will ship from China. So if the guitar had an issue, sending back and forth to China seems like a nightmare.


In USA your local independent Music store who is a SLM (Saint Louis Music) products dealer can order this (eta in USA is August 2021), and SLM distributes and provides warranty services for Mooer in USA as they once did for Crate, Dean Markley amps , Peterson tuners and many other brands

EDIT: Ultimately in 2022 these are now at Amazon

and Thomann


That's good.  I was just hoping to take advantage of the early bird special haha. But maybe I can buy and ship it to one of those stores if there is an issue.

What are your thoughts on the Mooer guitar?


Probably going to take a pass on this particular guitar, but I have to say I own a GE-300 produced by Mooer, and that piece of kit is ASTONISHING in how good it sounds. IMO it absolutely holds up against similar floor units (Line 6 Helix, etc). So if anyone can pull off the whole "effects in a guitar" thing I think they'd do as good as anyone.


I thought someone commented somewhere that the effects in the guitar is probably pulled from one of their GE products so if those are good then those should be fine. But don't know for sure until they release more info. For the price it's being released for, I def will be trying it


$550 w/ footswitch + $53 shipping from Hong Kong


The essential application for GTRS smart guitar can help you quickly obtain, create, share, and manage the preset tones of GTRS smart guitar, and control the drum machine/metronome, recording loop and other practice tools to help your practice and creation.

The Mooer GTRS App is free, and runs in offline mode, works well as a Chord voicing look up library too



Amazon review
5.0 out of 5 starsVerified Purchase
Great electronic guitar!
Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2022
Size: S800Color: Vintage White
Got the white one. So here's a quick list of first impressions:

1) This a really well made instrument. Mine is pretty much flawless as far as construction, fit and finish.

2) Unplugged it sounds really good. Better than a lot of my really expensive guitars. The roasted neck, basswood body, bridge, etc. all work really well together. I didn't expect the white finish to be so "vintage", but it's actually pretty cool.

3) It plays well out of the box (speaking of which, the way they shipped the guitar was excellent). After a few minor tweaks - slight torsion rod adjustment and filed the nut down a little, it plays like a dream. The neck is a thin C, more like current DK Charvels or EVH Wolfgang Standard. They could roll the edges a little to make it nicer, but it's not a big deal. Tuning is pretty stable, but I'll probably put a set of staggered post locking tuners on it.

4) I typically change pickups out on the less expensive guitars, but these are definitely keepers. You can get other pickups using the electronics section anyway. Plugged in without the electronic turned on it sounds very nice and would work great for most people I think.

5) Electronics: I didn't care for the presets out of the box, but it is fairly easy to write over them using the free downloadable app. I was able to quickly come up with some very usable sounds. There are a many choices for different styles of music. So far I've mainly tested going into the front end of my Roland JC-40. I also plugged a set of Grado Labs SR325 into the guitars output jack and it sounds great. I'll try going directly into my Headrush FRFR next.

6) There is a section to set up pickup choices for each 5 way switch position and a nice variety of humbuckers, strat, P90 type pickups and acoustic sounds. Another section lets you choose boosts, ODs, distortions, dynamics, modulations, gates, amp types, cabinet IRs, delays and reverbs. Plus there's a drum machine and looper section, tuner. They sound very good! Maybe not Axe FX level, but INCREDIBLE as a built in system!

7) The app itself needs a little work. The navigation is a bit odd at first, but OK once you get the hang of it. The biggest problem I've had though is with the Bluetooth (BT) connection. You have your BT connection for playing back songs or backing tracks from your phone - that works fine. But there is also a BT connection that transmits data from the app to the guitar. That connection is very unstable with my new iPhone. It keeps kicking off after a little bit so you have to go through a reconnection process. I'm sure the brilliant people at Mooer will get this fixed quickly, though, right?



Rachelf: MOOER GTRS Intelligent Guitar Overview
on January 24, 2022

Today we take a look at the futuristic GTRS S800 Series Intelligent Guitar Powered by MOOER!
Check out the guitar here: (affiliate link)
Get 10% off on the guitar through 1/31/22 with code: 10SC6FTW

GWF4 Wireless Footswitch:

Learn more:

Thanks again to MOOER Audio for sponsoring this video!


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Apologies for the slightly clipping audio during the tone capture section; that is not the guitar's fault! I just didn't think to adjust recording levels after switching pickup configurations so it was a bit too loud during the Les Paul/Acoustic demos :).

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Quick Demo
1:14 Preset Switching
2:18 Basic Guitar Specs
3:27 App Demo
3:58 Heavy Presets Demos
4:49 Other Presets Demos
5:44 Other Preset Options
6:14 Tone Sharing
6:40 Customizing Tones
7:55 Wireless Footswitch
8:35 Built-In Looper
9:18 Tuner
9:24 Drum machine and Metronome
9:41 Chord Generator
10:08 Tone Capture
11:30 Other Settings
11:50 Bluetooth Audio
12:24 Who is this guitar for?
13:04 Gig Bag
13:30 Minor Issues
14:16 Closing Thoughts



Out of the box,  GTRS would not connect to Android

But connected right away on iPad

I had to update the GTRS guitar firmware to Version 2.0.3,  then everything works on both IOS and Android

Neck is  bit thin for my taste (similar to Ibanez JEM )  -comparable to 90% of Guitar Center Fenders

Excellent build quality and fretwork

And the 4 button remote works

There is a relay that toggles several 1/4"  output modes

Allows essentially a choice of:

*  Passive SSH Strat output when Super-Knob is full CCW Off

*  TRS Stereo Headphone output with IOS/Android controlled impressive demo PCM Drums, 80 second Looper.stereo  Bluetooth audio

* mono out to Guitar Amp with internal CAB block disabled

* mono out into Recording desk with internal CAB block enabled

It allows easy " lets go sit in with the band and play surf/country/rock /blues"  -easy reconfigure the 4 live  memory slots that toggle by tapping the Super-Knob and just plug into a back line Fender Amp or straight into PA at local stage /blues jam/ anywhere
The fx and Amp modeling are very good -and already there are hundreds of presets on Mooer GTRS tone cloud

Connect USB Cable to iPad or Android and record Audio output for song ideas anywhere
Including incoming Bluetooth audio is output the USB jack for recording - there is a mixer on the GTRS app

Also connects to Akai MPC-X / MPC Live via USB Host port for audio recording

Guitar has Very good build quality too
Fast patch changes, clean audio , and "pickup emulation from cloud based download able Tone Capture models

GTRS User group

I plan on installing a GK PU and swap the neck for one of my fat 59 profile Warmoth with Hip-shot staggered height locking tuners

Works on Samsung DEX for large display



Wilkinson WVS5011K-10.5. Tremolo

Replaced the stock Tremolo, better sustain and smoother pivot action

And installed Hipshot Staggered height locking tuners

Substantially increased sustain and stability and tremolo return to zero