Valeton Coral Amp Modeler

Started by carlb, March 24, 2021, 10:00:30 PM

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Not bad! I can definitely work with it.

Trying it out in the effects send/return loop of the SY-1000. After the return is a bit of limiting to smooth the heavier tones slightly.

There are two banks of amps. I'd categorize them as "classic" versus "metal." Each bank has eight amps to choose from.

Each amp model gives you the choice of running a cabinet simulator or not. The cabinet configuration and speaker diameter (i.e., 1X8, 2X12, 4X12) are fixed for each amp (no swapping cabs).

Besides the amp selection knob, the pedal has gain, volume, bass, middle, treble. The big footswitch goes among Bank A, Bank B, and Bypass. The red/green/off indicator/switch engages speaker emulator or bypasses the speaker emulator.

For the attached clip, all changes in tone are from guitar volume knob and rhythm/both/treble pickups. No changes to the Valeton or SY-1000 settings. P-90 modeled pickups.

Idea of the clip is to get a notion of how responsive a model can be with low guitar volume out to high guitar volume. For this model (Matchless w/ 2X12" cab) I'd say pretty responsive!

I like the 'complexity' of the distortion, set this way and with the SY-1000, it doesn't feel like just another dirt box.

I really liked the tones and the feel of this Matchless setting.

Even if I only use this particular amp model, I'd say this is worth way more to me than the U.S. $80 spent.

Think someone was wondering about reverb on this. It doesn't have reverb or delay.

Post-edit: The Marshall models (in the "classic" and "metal") banks have an odd HV/AC-running noise to their cab simulations. The one in the "metal" bank is unusable on my unit. It may be a defect in mine, but if truly digital I can't see how it would be this one only.
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