Cuvave - Cube Baby - MFX, Rechargeable , USB Audio, Cab IR. Bluetooth Receiver

Started by admin, July 23, 2020, 02:37:08 PM

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Cuvave - Cube Baby - MFX, Rechargeable , USB Audio, Cab IR. Bluetooth Receiver
(Its Very Small & handy)

Cuvave Multi Effects Pedal Delay Chorus Phaser Tremolo Reverb Effect Pedal CUBE BABY Rechargeable Guitar Pedal Guitar Accessories

9 preamp reverse models,support PC importing
8 IR cabinet simulation,support 3rd party IR
High quality Reverb,Delay,Chorus,Phaser,Tremolo Effect
Built-in high precision guitar tuner function,and the output will be mute under the tuner mode
Live/Preset working modes,3 editable presets
USB Audio,wireless audio input
Mobile phone recording jack;Support headphone output
Built-in rechargeable battery,working time 8 hours(the power adapter of your phone or the mobile power can charge this pedal)

Brand: Cuvave
Color: Black
Input: 1/4 inch interface mono/TS
Output: 1/4 inch interface mono/TS
Sampling Rate: 48k/24bit
Power Supply: Built-in 600mah Rechargeable Battery
Item Size: 16.2* 6.1 * 2.3cm
Item Weight: 260g

Package included:
1* Multi Effect Pedal
1* Charging Cable
1* Internal Cable


Review Cube Baby - MFX, Rechargeable , USB Audio, Cab IR. Bluetooth Receiver

this is very good utility product  - rechargeable battery , decent overdrive, decent Spring Reverb and CAB IR Loader

Stereo Blutoooth Audio receiver and TRRS Audio interface for iPhone / Android and USB Audio Class compliant interface
Guitar Tuner as well

easily show up at a Jam where there is only a PA and use this and get decent blues overdrive with Cab IR variation built in , surf reverb, slapback delay

Very happy - $49 at AliExpress

Only hurdle - 8 weeks shipping to USA


Wow, that's really an amazing deal.   

Buy two and keep one in the car in case you found yourself at a jam you didn't know was happening and....
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Yann Seven

Hi from France,
Have you tried it in an amp effect loop?
Thanks. I just bought one at 40$..

Yann Seven

I have one, it's wow! And so small..
The unit is mono. The effects are very good. You can choose between phaser ( univibe like) or chorus.
The reverb is minimal, and the delay analog like.
For the amp sims, there is a latency ( maybe 8 ms)
I'm very happy with this unit.


For the price, this is a decent little unit with a lot of features.

Some thoughts and notes that may be useful to others:

I noticed that this creates two MIDI ports (in and out) when plugged into USB on a Win10 computer.   I can connect to these ports via SONAR, but I haven't seen any data come from it during any operation (knob movement, incoming/outgoing audio, preset changes, etc).   Havent' tried sending any MIDI data to it, since without an implementation chart I have no idea what I might accidentally do to it's settings/etc (probably nothing, but....).

The audio interface appears to work, USB-to-Audio comes up in SONAR on the WDM driver panel, but so far I haven't been able to get past the "audio input may be in use" / etc dialog.    If I use the MME driver mode it works, but is so laggy that even the program takes seconds to respond to user input and it drops out after less than a second of audio is recorded.   I'm still trying different things, so I might find a remedy for this later.   (the system works fine using the onboard laptop audio, or using the ASIO driver mode with an old AVID USB audio interface). 

Haven't checked out the TRRS-USB cable / phone interface plug on it yet.

The IR cab sim upload / reset software may be useful, it appears to simply support uploading a WAV impulse file, though I didn't see a length / size specification I'm sure there is a limit.

Kind of annoying is that if you accidentaly turn it off, it takes a while (20-30 seconds) before it will allow you to turn it back on (doesnt' respond to the switch until you leave it off for that long). Switch is very easy to slide.... :/




Demo of using Cuvave Cube Baby as CAB IR box only   - No Amp  - should be possible on H8 too

go to 2:00 minutes to see how to set for CAB IR only on Cuvave


It's come to my attention that the Cube Baby has recently been modded by some portuguese youtubers and also the people at italian Eko guitar.
Anyone that understands portuguese know how to figure out how they're changing pre-amps? Have fun. I'd also like to know what IR's you find best for the stock Pre-amps cause my own ir's do NOT sound good. Leo Gibson experienced the same.

here's the video showing the preamps being changed out:

Brent Flash


axehole wrote>

I got one of these Cube Babies for the hell of it, and it sounds great with a screamer/OD pedal in front. I like to use a Celstion V30 IR. Plug it into a bluetooth speaker and use your phone with backing tracks via the onboard bluetooth. Instant busker machine. No batteries needed. Cheap as borsch, jammin fun. I like the sound far better than one of those new Spark amps that I returned.


Quote from:  mobozoid on May 19, 2021, 11:59:23 PM
Hell ya! We need this translated.

Load in Youtube, enable "CC" and auto translate and watch and read the closed captions in your preferred language


Open the flash loader, connect the cuvave to the computer, turn it on while holding the switch C, after turning it on hold the C for a second, release it and that's it
my cuvave arrived yesterday and at the same time I was able to update without any problems

Does anyone know if he sends/receives MIDI information? Because in Reaper it is recognized as a MIDI device.