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Neuro Editors

Neuro technology unlocks the full potential of Source Audio One Series pedals and introduces a bold new approach to guitar and bass effects. Out of the box, each One Series pedal is a standalone powerhouse with a simple plug-and-play control set, but with the Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and Android) or the Neuro Desktop Editor (a free download for Mac and Windows) users gain even more power and flexibility. Access advanced features including MIDI functionality, detailed effects editing, interchangeable effect algorithms, preset sharing, Source Audio Factory Presets, and more.

Use the Neuro Editor to create highly customized presets for our most popular pedals including the Ventris Dual Reverb, Nemesis Delay, L.A. Lady Overdrive, Aftershock Bass Distortion, Lunar Phaser, and more. But Neuro is not just about creating your own presets - if you're not a heavy-duty tweaker, use the Neuro Browse tabs to explore an expanding reservoir of presets created by the Source Audio staff and a growing population of Neuro Mobile App and Neuro Desktop users. Our goal in creating the One Series pedals and the Neuro software was to put the power in your hands - we're looking to all of y'all to create the most awesome sound library known to ears. Please, show us what you can do - we want to hear everything from beloved vintage tones to the sounds yet unheard.

The Neuro Mobile App (a free download for all iOS and Android devices) unlocks a far-reaching collection of powerful features in Source Audio's One Series effects pedals. With a standard audio cable (included with every One Series pedal), the Neuro App connects from your device's headphone jack to Input Channel 2 of any One Series pedal. It's a simple connection that brings unprecedented power to a fully streamlined effects pedal with a remarkably compact footprint.
Access an extended set of effect editing parameters, stereo routing options, and advanced EQ control.
Browse Source Audio's free library of bonus effect algorithms.
Create a user profile and save customized presets in your own personal effects library or — if you're so inclined — publish them for the entire world to hear.
Email and text presets to your friends with the simple Share function. You can also post them directly to your Facebook page!
Check out popular presets from other One Series owners, including exclusive tones dialed in by Source Audio's growing list of endorsing artists — all at no additional cost.
Burn your settings to one of the three toggle switch positions on your One Series pedal — the next time the pedal powers up, it will keep the custom settings.
Supports all Source Audio One Series pedals including: Nemesis Delay, Ventris Dual Reverb, True Spring Reverb, Gemini Chorus, Mercury Flanger, Lunar Phaser, Aftershock Bass Distortion, L.A. Lady Overdrive, and Kingmaker Fuzz.
Works with all iOS and Android devices.


The Neuro Desktop Editor
To download the Neuro Desktop, go to the Source Audio Downloads page. In the Software tab select the appropriate file (you have a choice between the Mac and Windows versions) and on the file icon. After the download process, connect your One Series pedal with a USB Type A male to mini Type B male cable (Warning: don't use a charger cable). Connect the cable from the mini USB port on the pedal to the USB port on your computer. Once you've made the connection a blue box will appear in the Connections field indicating that your pedal is ready to be edited.

Creating A Preset with the Neuro Desktop Editor
The Neuro Desktop Editor offers an easy-to-navigate user interface and is a great way to create effect presets. The Neuro Desktop Editor is compatible with every Source Audio One Series pedal, including the Nemesis Delay, Ventris Dual Reverb, L.A. Lady Overdrive, Kingmaker Fuzz, Aftershock Bass Distortion, Vertigo Tremolo, Lunar Phaser, Mercury Flanger, and Gemini Chorus. Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on editing, creating, and saving presets with the Neuro Desktop Editor.

Bonus Effect Engines
Every pedal in the One Series line comes with three onboard effects, but the Neuro Mobile App provides access to Source Audio's free library of bonus algorithms. Choose from our collection of differing effect flavors, progressive tones, and hybrid modulation effects. Each effect can be tweaked then saved to your personal Preset Library or burned directly to the pedal.

​The One Series also introduces the concept of interchangeable algorithms, where pedals within a certain family can share effects. For example, it is possible to download ANY of Source Audio's modulation algorithms to ANY of the modulation pedals. That means if you own a Lunar Phaser, you can load the Mercury Flanger's "Thru-Zero" flange effect directly to your Lunar Phaser. It's like buying one pedal and owning three. The same is true of the L.A. Lady Overdrive and Kingmaker Fuzz, our overdrive/fuzz pedals.

User Profiles
The Neuro Mobile App allows you to create a personal User Profile and save an unlimited number of customized presets to your private effects library. Enter a name and description for each effect, then save them for personal use or publish them for the entire world to check out. It's also possible to email and text presets directly to your friends and bandmates, or post them on Facebook.

​Also, everybody should check out the exclusive presets from the growing list of Source Audio endorsing artists.

Stereo & Signal Routing
The Neuro Mobile App takes full advantage of the One Series' stereo inputs and outputs and dual processors by giving you a range of signal routing and stereo options.

The modulation pedals offer a number of stereo options including stereo to stereo, mono to stereo, stereo to mono, dual mono and more. Basically, any stereo combination you can imagine, the Neuro App has it covered. The App also has a Stereo Separation (LFO Phase Offset) control that dials in anything from a very mild panning effect to full 180° stereo modulation.

​The stereo ins and outs along with dual processors in the L.A. Lady, Kingmaker Fuzz, or AfterShock Bass Distortion make it possible to run dual drive types in a number of different ways including double stacked drives, parallel drives with a blend control, separate drives to each output, external effects loops, and more.


SA Vertigo Tremolo

SA Vertigo Tremolo User's Guide



The Ring connection passes bidirectional Neuro Communication (similar to MIDI & RS485) between multiple Source Audio pedals

​The One Series Neuro Couplers provide a robust and efficient connection between side-by-side One Series pedals. This pair includes one 1/4" mono (TS) connector and one 1/4" stereo (TRS) connector. The TRS/TS connections makes it possible to simultaneously send Neuro Mobile App messages and stereo audio signals to an entire chain of One Series pedals. Simply use the TS connector with Input/Output 1 of the pedal pair and the TRS connector with Input/Output 2. The Neuro Cable (included with every One Series pedal) connects from the headphone jack of a mobile device to Input 2 on the first One Series pedal in the signal chain.