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Started by admin, December 06, 2019, 11:03:06 AM

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New Kemper 3.1.55 Beta Rig Manager


- A new context menu in the editor allows you to conveniently load effect modules and associated presets
- Impulse response files can be dragged onto the CAB for import
- A new graphical indicator highlights content which has been edited but not saved yet
- Native support for Apple Silicon


- New Windows driver
- Modifying Performances and Tags is more robust and reliable
- Issues related to USB synchronization and device updates have been addressed
- Several language and memory related issues have been addressed

In Rig Manager click File | Preferences
Check Include Beta Releases
Restart Rig Manager and it should notify you there's a beta release available with the option to install it.




Big news is the release of Kemper MOBILE Rig Manager for any Kemper model, on Android, - not just IOS