Roland VGA-7

Started by Elantric, February 10, 2008, 09:10:22 PM

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I hope merman93 is going to give us a review ;-)  Some of us still GAS out and lust after these things. I still think I can get this puppy to really kick but. By the time I find one however, I will have acquired osteoporosis and have shrunk by 6 inches and will have to pay to have it moved.

The Tweeters have a separate feed, so I would imagine an L-Pad, however, I would like to know about the crossover. If it has the crossover and feeds from that, the Coaxial speakers could be limited by this. You would have to feed the CoAxials first and tap from there with an L-Pad.

Schematic is tough to aquire. I imagine you would have to go to a service tech for that. I had a chance at one that was mint, but shut off after a few seconds. Of course I assumed a dead short and it could be an easy fix and I could 'steal' it for $200. Then I squashed the GAS on that one in leau of owning a boat anchor or literal 'bricked' boat anchor.

If merman93 has Celestions new Coax guitar speaker (F12X-200), that's a score on those alone. I picked up a nice Sony TA-N220 Quad Power amp for cheap to get racked and I'm going to build some pine boxes for the F12X-200 Celestions. Maybe nice dovetail joints and stain them so I  keep them in the living room.


I was lucky to keep checking my "Let Go" app, for local pickup merchandise. I wouldn't have bought such a big, and older item to be shipped, they almost always arrive not working and then the seller, buyer, shipping company, and insurance company begin the finger pointing dance.

The seller lived about 45 minutes away, and his basement resembled a Pawn Shop or small music store filled with gear. He didn't mention the Speakers in the ad, but explained when he plugged it in for a demo.

There is a 2 position switch mounted to the backboard, that selects Roland Tweeter or Celestion, and a pot next to it that dials in or out the tweeter when it is selected for the Celestion.

It's all secured well, but the switch and pot aren't protected,...they are sticking out a bit, and could easily just be sheared off during the inevitable moving of the beast.

I'm assuming he was truthful, you can obviously tell the variations, but I haven't taken the back board off to make sure they are Celestions.  The vega 7 is a closed back design with a small bass port, so none of innards are visible. When other projects are completed around here, I plan on recessing the mounting of these with some type of plate. I'll take pics and access at that time.

About schematics,..Unless an authorized Roland repair tech requested materials for a specific repair, and then disseminated them to others, they are not likely to be found in the wild. Roland isn't known for having "loose lips".
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QuoteVga-7 Solved.   "blo" battery low.   Replacement baterry is a CR2032 (printed on the circuit board adjacent to the button holder). Access is by releasing 6 screws accross top of cabinet and 2 at each side that secure the amp chasis within the cabinet & slide the chasis partially towards the rear to expose access to the battery loaction on the circuit board to the left (viewed from frant of amp). With the amp unplugged from power, found that if new battery is replaced immediately after removal (takes about 5 seconds to clip a new replacement battery in) the amp's settings are retained, & firrmware was not disturbed. For convenience a long shaft insulated screw driver with small 4-5mm blade to partially prise up the battery retaining tab, while using another smaller blade screw driver helps ease the old battry up and then prises it out of the holder - this method assisted working in the confined space available and avoided the need to disconnect speaker leads etc to remove the the chasis from the cabinet entirely to make the change - there is no need to do that. Alls well that ends well, my Vga-7 has its mojo back!!!! Now feeling more relaxed about also servicing the Vga-3 when it eventually also encounters a flat battery. Cheers


Please bear with me as i have no clue what im doing here.  This is the first time using any kind of forum to find answers, cant seem to figure out how to navigate the site.  So here goes. 

Im trying to find help throubleshooting an issue with a roland vga-7 that i recently bought.  I cant come up with anything in a search thats even close to the issues im having. I cant figure out how to make posts with photos of what the issue is.  If anyone happens to see this and could possibly point me in the right direction, i would greatly appreciate it. 


What is your issue?

These amps work best with the higher output Roland GK-2A pickup
(Not as well using the lower output GK-3
Heres a  VGA-7 page with most info required