Quicco Sound - mi1e sequencer, LFO, MIDI to CV interface

Started by admin, November 02, 2018, 11:48:52 PM

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Bluetooth MIDI-CV Adapter

What is mi.1e ?
The mi.1e is a multi-functional module, which is wirelessly connects to an iPad. It can operate as a sequencer, LFO, MIDI to CV interface and more.

The mi.1e is a compact 4HP module with 8 ports. Each pair of ports is configurable to provide any function needed. The included iOS software gives you easy access to edit each ports functionality. For example, Port 1-4 could function as a Grid sequencer, Port 5-6 as a Step Sequencer, and Port 7-8 as LFOs.

Two products are available to choose from, "mi.1e 0|8" and "mi.1e 2|6". "mi.1e 0|8" is white with 8 Outputs. "mi.1e 2|6" is black with 2 Inputs and 6 Outputs.

4 HP slim design controlled by a dedicated iPad application
Up to 8-track Grid Sequencer with variable loop length
Up to 4-track Step Sequencer with Slide function
Up to 8 channels of LFO with Hand-drawn waveforms, Phase function
Up to 8-port CV Fader instantly recalling CV value
Accurate CV / Gate timing by time stamp communication
External clock synchronization without Bluetooth latency (mi.1e 2|6 only)
Easy update from iPad to add new functions and fix issues

iOS App
mi.1e has its own application, "mi.1e connect".
Using mi.1e connect, you can enjoy more music with mi.1e.

"mi.1e connect" is an iPad application for "mi.1e 0|8", "mi.1e 2|6" which are Eurorack series of Quicco Sound's products.
This app sends MIDI messages to mi.1e, and mi.1e converts these messages to CV/GATE signals and exports them from 8 signal ports on its front panel.

mi.1e contains 4HP space in the modular case. "mi.1e connect" can assign individual applications each slots and operate them simultaneously. This app enables various usage of mi.1e such as Step Sequencer, Gate Sequencer, LFO, CV Fader and so on.