The ME 25 simply rocks !!

Started by Mark Haydon, November 21, 2017, 07:24:49 AM

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Mark Haydon

My ME 25 was lying unused for a couple of years and I recently fired it up just to make sure that it was working ok. Well I shouldn't have worried ( its a Boss !!) , what actuall surprised me was the sound of the unit. I plugged it into my trusty Cube 80 XL and used only the sound library patches in the following order :
1) Standard Clean
2) MS Crunch ( Marshall Vintage)
3) Rock lead ( MS Vintage model).
4) Ballard Lead( MS Vintage model)

I arranged the above Sound Library patches to cycle through clean ,crunch and lead. Was blown away by the sound of the unit, The Vintage Marshall model sounded great >
It also  took external pedals extremely well when I added an external PH3, Boss Chorus and DD7 as the internal delays were a little thin.

I then put the ME 25  through the front end of a JC 120 and used my BCB 60 "modulation board" consisting of a PS6 Harmonizer ,MD 500, DD7 and RV 5 in the effects loop. Once again the sound of the COSM amps coupled with the external delays sounded killer. This pedal sounds best when connected to an amplifier with the cabinet modeling disengaged ( to engage the cabinet modeling ,one needs to place a dummy stereo 1/4 jack into the phone s input). The ME 25 seems to be built to sit in a pedalboard with additional external delays and modulation effects ,as the internal ones are ok.

Definitely gig worthy. This little unit is built like a tank and is a keeper for sure !


Yes, a deceptively simple looking small device with big tones and variety.
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