VG-99 - Create Custom COSM Guitar Limitations

Started by chipstar, January 03, 2010, 03:12:47 PM

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Hey Guys,
I've been building a lot of guitar patch templates these days and I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something obvious and yes I've RTFM. It would appear that we do not have the ability to specify the particular pickups or body type that we'd like to use when building custom electrics. For example, I've not found a way to make a Les Paul BFG since I cannot specify a bridge humbucker and a neck P90. I realize that I can specify single or double coil but we just don't seem to have the granularity needed to really make custom guitars with the VG-99. Let me know what you think.



You're right, but at least you have an option to work around it, perhaps. How's this for an idea:

Make 1 guitar patch, in channel A. Copy everything to channel B. Change the pickup.

Instead of changing pickups, you just switch channels.


Hey mooncaine,
I appreciate your feedback. That's a pretty decent work around. I'll set Channel A to a Les Paul bridge and Channel B to Melody Maker P-90 neck. I can blend the channels to get close to what I'm going for. Without sounding like a firmware upgrade complainer, it would be cool if we could select the body and pickups on a single channel. I'd love some Burstbuckers and P-90s on the same guitar. One day... one day.



Your workaround with Channel A for a Les Paul bridge and Channel B for Melody Maker P-90 neck sounds witty and smart.


This will also be useful to have a patch with a 7 position Strat (Neck + Bridge or All pickups) I have tried it in the past and it was satisfactory.
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