GT-1 - Shimmer-verb

Started by slooky, November 07, 2016, 09:30:39 AM

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I wonder why they wouldn't put the shimmer reverb in this unit ???

Hmm,,, but,,, I came up with a nice shimmer using different effects in this unit ;D

Actually this one is a better shimmer



Just wondered if you have any other shimmer effects that would be good using an electro acoustic.
Thank you  :)


are you talking about using the GT-1 with an acoustic guitar that has a pickup?


Thanks for this patch, I am looking for a Shimmer Reverb sound.

Before I buy a new pedal I should try this patch first on my Boss GT-1 and save me some money ... to buy other pedals  8)

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group fweijers!  :)