Waldorf Blofeld - MIDI Synth module

Started by Ludek, July 30, 2009, 12:00:43 PM

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I am interested in the Waldorf Blofeld desktop synth (sound module). The price is very decent and sound interesting. Does anyone use VG-99 to trigger such a device. Any experience? How about latency in response or sound glitches?


No experience with this but latency or drivers (hearing the audio) is the biggest driver here. The midi experience has to do with the buffers that each plugin needs. THe DAW app needs to adjust for this if needed. Most vstis work reasonably well except for the doggone pitch bend with VG99.


The Blofeld isn't a softsynth, it's a small hardware synthesizer. 

Previous experience shows their hardware is very good and the sound superlative.

I'm thinking of a Blofeld myself but no experience using one with a VG99 or anything else.
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Anybody try driving this thing with the VG?  I hear it's pretty legit little box.


It's been on the "to buy" list forever due to its PPG pedigree but honestly I've been able to push my VG so far I haven't really needed actual synthesis.  Next purchase will be a more capable looper.
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GK Devices:  Roland VG-99, Boss GP-10, Boss SY-1000.


Just ordered one. On it's way.

My wallet is starting to wimper when I look at it... GP-10, FTP, Blofeld, EHX 45000, Strymon Big Sky, yikes!

eBay is about to be my best buddy for getting rid of old stuff to pay for the new stuff!


It doesn't help that a local guitar shop is selling a very expensive guitar for a low price because they think it's the less nice domestic variety.  Grumble.

Let me know how it goes for you!
My music projects online at http://www.aliensporebomb.com/

GK Devices:  Roland VG-99, Boss GP-10, Boss SY-1000.


ASB, have you seen this video? Pretty cool stuff. Mine has the SL license, which he uses in the video.



Man, I don't consider myself a synth connoisseur or anything, but that thing sounds completely bad-ass.  I'm immediately reminded of Peter Gabriel's exceptional (IMO) album, "Up".


Got it in my hands. Crazy, man! The complexity comes from its ability to use waveforms to generate FM modulation of other waveforms, especially over time.
It likes to be a bit sandy, grindy, and dirty, but it doesn't have to be. It can be sweet and well-behaved as well. The SL license gives you the ability to upload your own waveforms into it.

I am reminded of Native Instruments (Reaktor), who similarly lean towards gritty sounding products that you can reign in. Perhaps this is a German synthesizer aesthetic characteristic?
Waldorf also has a sly humor in some of their materials that you could easily miss if you aren't paying close attention. Love it.






I finally got around to getting myself one of these, and I must say it's pretty awesome.  I play it via the FTP. 

My biggest surprise thus far:  How usable the arpeggiator is...   This does not behave like old synths I am familiar with, where you pick a key & define the arpeggio in advance. 

The Blofeld arpeggiator uses the chord you play...  You don't define the arpeggio as C-E-G, etc., you define it as first-note, 2nd-note, 3rd, and it splits up the chord from the input MIDI signal, and plays it back accordingly.  Very cool, and far more usable than any other arpeggiator I'm familiar with.   
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Various Waldorf synths have been on my 'must buy' list from the Microwave 2 to the Blofeld - I particularly wanted a microQ because it was a 2u rack rather than a table top form factor, but I bought a Wavestation SR instead in the end.

Blofeld is an excellent synth, it can sound both generic and unique, and the SL sampling option puts it firmly in the 'I could just about get away with this as my only synth'.  60Mb might sound like a measly amount of sample ram, but if you're not too fussed about a multisampled grand piano then you'll probably get everything you need inside it provided you spend a little time trimming your loop lengths.

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Rekon-Audio version 3 is here.

Blofeld VST/AU Editor
https://rekonaudio.com/ 8)


Yep I use the Blofeld alongside my GM-800; I really like the arpeggiator...