FractalAudio's new FX-8 effects pedal

Started by merman93, June 09, 2014, 12:43:30 PM

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FX8 3.0 was released yesterday as a public beta. Despite being a beta, we believe it to be bug free. See the release notes and allow yourself time to learn about everything that's new.

Added the latest DRIVE and DELAY types (as of Quantum 1.06).
Added the SYNTH block.
Separated the Signal Chain from Footswitch 1–8 Layout so effect switches can be placed anywhere on the floor without changing signal flow.
Added "Footswitch Blocks" which can be assigned per-preset, allowing each preset to use its own custom layout of Preset-select switches, Scene-select switches, Effect Instant-Access switches, (and more).
New Global Footswitches make it easy to set up a footswitch to do the same thing across all presets.
Scenes can now also send a MIDI CC message.
Added new Relay options for compatibility with more amps (e.g. 5150, some Bogners, etc.).
The FX8 should no longer "confuse" certain MIDI-switchable amps with small buffers (e.g. JVM, some Carvins, etc.)
And more...


Until about two months ago I was using the FX8 with a Suhr Badger 35 into a Bogner cab.  This rig was by far the best tube amp and effects setup I've ever owned.  The effects are stellar.  I ditched all of my pedals except an EHX C9 and my wah pedal.  The reason for keeping my wah is that it is a Dunlop switchless Crybaby and I pretty much always want a wah available - so just using my pedal felt great to me and it meant I didn't have to add a wah to every patch. 

I've since switched to the AX8 - I've done some rehearsals and gigs with it as a substitute for the FX8 in 4CM hook up.  But I think I'm going back to running direct with the AX8.


People are complaining that this is expensive.  Ya know, I have used multiple VSTs and the sounds are always great at first then tinny and there is limits in rehearsals and stage.  I ditched VST.  Then I went with multi pedal- boards...too many pedal-boards incorporate too much junk with modeling and they are not very logical when running through a set list.  I have used a lot of them, some good and bad.  I get tired of them too after a while, sounds were good, but just not working for set lists.  Meaning, switching in a pattern through a set list. I decided I wanted to go with analog pedals as they offer the best sound.  But that was a 3000.00 solution after all said and done to make it work the way I want.  Say I am playing a song that has three chorus settings changes WHILE playing the song.  I cannot lean down and change the chorus setting while I am transitioning though my song and i cannot afford a roadie to do it for me.  That means i need three chorus pedals on a switcher – the WORST setup ever, and that is just the chorus, not including other effects requiring multiple changes in a song. Great sounds with analog but crappy redundancy.  THEN the fractal f8 came along.  This is worth every penny.  I am not going to go into details but I will say this.... No modeling.  Just plug into your best amp. It has the ability to send any effects to the FX loop on your amp which makes this sound amazing with great flexibility!!!  The effects are top notch. So, you have a patch like A1.  Then you have 8 different changes in that patch (SCENES), so each setting in the 8 scenes is a different combination of effects and settings, THEN you have the X-Y – MAN that is it!!!!!!!  You hit the X_Y from the foot switch and you can change the settings of any effect on the fly.  I cannot explain it too well, but this is a performer.  It is perfect for playing sets...and it sounds great. It is easy, SUPER easy to learn and it is one really well designed device that lets you play though a song and change effects seamlessly and flawlessly on the fly ... NO other effects pedal does this to my knowledge.  The guys that engineered this really understand the needs when playing complex set list and songs live.  And, with the "FX send" you can make this really sound rad and proper. I mean really rad. The list of effects are perfect too. No awful modeling.  I now want to play more and more. I once wanted the Roland VG-8 but was too cheap and regretted not buying it, stayed with cheap solutions.  Now, years later I decided to break the bank and get this. The BEST decision I have ever made.  Do not be cheap, pay the money man. This is not for wimps or amateurs. Total pro. If you need any advice on this let me know. Also, the edit program is the friggin' bomb man. I have used several editing programs on the multi-effects and they are always littered with issues.  This edit program is one of the best i have ever worked with, again, you pay for what you get.  One note about the OD.  The OD on this is slightly strange, it is not a DISTORTION, it is an OD. You need to double up the OD to get a fatter overdrive sound;  my amp has a great crunch OD ( Marshall MG50CFX), so i do not need the OD on this module.  Play around with the OD, you might get a great sound distortion. I hear this pedal works well with tube amps.