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Let me say thank yoooou  very much for these patches!! WOW
Graviton M1 / M2 Software Update 4.3.0 (Beta)

New Features:

Programmable 1st Tap, 2nd Tap, 3rd Tap, Double Tap, Hold Tap Action for every XY switches, footswitches and EC push buttons (can be used at the same time for 5 Actions per switch).
Virtual LEDs for Presets On / Off state: Improved visual feedback.
Live View: Customize display information, additional BPM, Song, Setlist options.
Live View: EC Controllers and Expression Pedals real time value feedback.
New Action: Encoder Click: XY Switches and Footswitch presses can function as clicks from EC Controllers.
New Action: Bank Toggle: Jump between the current bank and a Bank of your choice
New Action: Bank A/B: Jump betwen two Banks of your choice.
New Action: Shortcut > Live / Preset Library: Switch to Live and Preset Library with one button press.
New Action: Change LCD Brightness: With button presses.
New Message: Clock + and Clock -: nudge BPM up and down by a set amount.
New Message: Set Toggle: Set the On / Off State of a target Preset.
New Message: Counter CC and Counter PC Send: Send the current counter value only
EC Controller Knobs: Set Increase / Decrease Adjustment independent from the rotating direction.
Encoder Message: Can change Counter CC and Counter PC.
Encoder Message: Can change MIDI Clock.
Keyboard: Improved layout with a full set of special characters.
Footswitch: Sensivity setting from within Footswitch Pedals Screen.
MIDI In: Incoming USB MIDI Messages can be used to trigger Preset / Action.
Software Update: Option to roll back to the last stable release.
Slightly faster UI speed.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: Tap Tempo: always start from 40 BPM.
Fixed: Preset Mode / Setlist Mode switching: clearer button function.
Decpreciated: Last Sent messages. Use MIDI Tracking instead.
Decpreciated: Toggling Auto-Reset. Use Set Toggle Message instead.
Name Change: Scrolling CC/PC to Counter CC/PC.
Boss Katana:GO Discussion / Re: Boss Katana:Go
Last post by gumtownadmin - Today at 12:06:44 AM
Quote from: Mrchevy on April 17, 2024, 03:55:36 AMDoes this mean possibly a pc editor for the Go in the near future hmmmmmmmm?
Maybe, would one be useful?

Was hoping it would be here by the weekend, but I don't have a courier tracking number issued yet.
Boss RC-600 Looper / Re: Technical Problem with Loo...
Last post by Harry1227 - Yesterday at 08:50:58 PM
The PC module board (looper board) is removed from the motherboard.  There's a connector there.
You will gain access to the SD card only after disconnecting the looperboard from the motherboard.
General Discussion / Re: K-Muse Phi-Tech Photon MID...
Last post by EDGibbs2024 - Yesterday at 06:41:05 PM
Hey All :)
Thank you all so very much for your interest and the info, some of which I hadn't found yet. Special thanks to Elantric who provided some more history that I hadn't found yet. Elantric, I've been running across your posts for years during research on various things that I've purchased and I just love the look of that guitar in your avatar even though I'm not sure what it is :)

I've been working for the last few days in spare time at work rendering and 3d-printing bridge saddles and string claws to retrofit on my Steinberger-R-Trem clone vibrato to convert it from 50mm string spread to the 53mm string spread that my Photon pickup uses. So far seems to be going well and the PLA printed parts are holding up under string tension and pressure. Fine-tuning the saddle string heights is my next task tomorrow and probably testing the whole shebang sans midi-synth at home tomorrow evening :)

Pictures to come once I figure out how to embed them in these messages. I'll have to re-read Elantric's instruction thread again and go from there :)

P.S. Still waiting for the second Photon Hyperspeed system to ship out to me...hopefully soon :)

Dan G. :)
Roland VG-88 Discussions / Re: LCD Screen Blank
Last post by MTzadok - Yesterday at 05:01:58 PM
I got it working. 

Brought it home.  Plugged it in and kept running through the factory reset procedure while watching a movie.  I don't know if I was hitting a wrong button or something in trying to reset it before(hard to tell with a blank LCD), but it finally reset and came back up.  I forgot how much fun this thing is.
Announcements / Re: RIP Dickie Betts ( Allman ...
Last post by Kevin M - Yesterday at 04:14:29 PM
Sad news. I was a bit too young during their peak, so it was only after I was much older that I came to appreciate how good the Allman Brothers were.
GM-800 Discussion / Re: GM800 and FCB1010
Last post by Elantric - Yesterday at 02:25:26 PM
On GM-800, must create Control Assignments,  with SOURCE= your desired MIDI CC#  and TARGET = your desired GM-800 FX Parameter

Each user must build the array of personal Control Assignments they prefer

Review the GM-800 PARAMETER GUIDE , page 10

Its same paradigm for external MIDI CC#  CONTROL Source and FX Target ASSIGNMENTS as other Boss MFX

To debug, Always use a third party MIDI DATA MONITOR , as described here

Further GM-800 MIDI CC# Control discussion
Here's my review/enhanced manual of Tasty Chips Integral.
GM-800 Discussion / Re: GM800 and FCB1010
Last post by Digdeepbass - Yesterday at 01:31:30 PM
Elantric, I appreciate the links.  I learned a lot but I don't however see any reference to the GM-800.  I do have the UnO chip on order and waiting for it to arrive.  I think I should wait until I receive the chip and start over.  No matter what I try and configure on the GM-800 and the FCB1010, I can't get the FCB1010 to make any changes on the GM-800.  The FCB works great with the HX Stomp but I have totally removed the HX Stomp to simplify my configuration and only focus on the GM-800.

I'm also wondering about the MidiCaptain from Paint Audio instead of the FCB1010.

Thanks again.