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 on: Today at 08:24:49 PM 
Started by gibvictory - Last post by gibvictory
Well, it wouldn't be the worst thing to reach around behind the rack twice each time I play. Thanks for the warnings.

I haven't put the GR55 in the rack yet, but soon. I have a 19" sliding rack shelf that my Gr33 was on. I had to put something underneath the 33 to get it just above the the sides of the sliders as it was too wide to sit directly on the shelf. Getting it above the sides allowed me to be able to slide the shelf out to get at the synths controls. Even though the 55 isn't as wide (I think) as the 33 I may still have to get it in the rack the same way. It will be going in before this weekends gig. I also had to remove the volume pedal on the 33 to get the whole thing in just under two rack spaces. Again, I may have to do the same thing to the 55. I have a Liquid Foot 12+ controlling presets for the synth and AxeFx. My band and soundman will be surprised with some of the nice things I'm able to do with the 55. They won't see it until they hear it.

 on: Today at 07:52:55 PM 
Started by ronaldo.bc - Last post by ronaldo.bc
oh yes, it looks good

 on: Today at 07:50:18 PM 
Started by loulea - Last post by autodidactic
Hi there. I have an older rpi. I don't have a spare SD card and I don't want to lose some stuff I was already doing on it with PureData and the like. So I want to set this up on my existing Raspbian installation. I am not a low level programmer but am quite comfortable with Linux as far as systems administration and web development is concerned.

I fired up qjackctl and it doesn't recognize the GP-10 at all. I was wondering what kernel version are you using?

 on: Today at 07:24:42 PM 
Started by SuperNiCd - Last post by Elantric
The block diagram clearly shows what's available in each "chain" s

Which is why they also state:
" You may change the order in which the FX are connected".

Suggest run Boss Tone Studio for GP-10 and get some clarification

 on: Today at 06:59:37 PM 
Started by loopman - Last post by gumtown
The guitar GK-3 only suits string spacing of 12mm, which my Squier Bass vi has.
One of my GK-3B fitted basses (5'er) has a string spacing of 14mm and works fine.

About the GK orientation setting, it is set on the 'normal' position because the wire coming out from the GK extends from the side of the 6th string (the lower one).
Doesn't your GK-3B pickup look like the picture below?
For the "Normal" orientation setting, the wire pokes out towards the bridge. If it were backward, the GR-55 is expecting a certain frequency range per string, and the outer strings wouldn't work.

Might be a good time to check the GK 13 pin cable too, new ones seem to have an anti-oxidant coating on them, and require some solvent cleaning on the pins, such as "deOxit"

 on: Today at 06:43:02 PM 
Started by SuperNiCd - Last post by gumtown
A.F.A.I.K You can move any of the effects anywhere in the chain, including before or after the mixer.

 on: Today at 06:29:58 PM 
Started by SuperNiCd - Last post by glennfin
The block diagram clearly shows what's available in each "chain" so can I assume that's an inaccurate diagram?? The "order" of the connected FX isn't the issue... it's what's available in each path that I'm asking about.... refer to the block diagram...

That is incorrect as the text states in the Boss Gp-10's  FX Block
" You may change the order in which the FX are connected".

 on: Today at 06:10:48 PM 
Started by loulea - Last post by gumtown
If you are into c, c++, or Python programming, then RtMidi is a great interface for programming and midi (works on Linux-ALSA, mac osx, and windows).

 on: Today at 05:51:55 PM 
Started by BackDAWman - Last post by Toby Krebs
Yeah I am still using my hardware(GR55/GT10/HD500 etc...) for live gigging but being able to plug my guitar into my iphone and then into a powered speaker which is usually already at the rehearsal place and use my little Blueboard to switch patches has made rehearsals a hell of a lot easier.I even caught myself laughing and relaxing a bit at the last one while the singers screwed around for 20 minutes.I am not updating my iphone period.It works great.My Iphone is new and has IOS7 and I have not noticed any latency problems with Jamup.

 on: Today at 05:40:01 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by Elantric

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