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 on: Today at 07:42:24 AM 
Started by Dr Tadpole - Last post by Dr Tadpole
Ciao a tutti,

i tried to look in the forum but could not find anything about this.
In the user manual they say:
By strongly pressing the toe end of the pedal, you can turn the pedal effect on and off (PEDAL SW indicator will light/go out

I cound not find any way to activate the foot pedal by pressing the toe.

Is there anything i should do in the assign page to activate this function?

many thanks in advance


 on: Today at 06:41:35 AM 
Started by Funky - Last post by Funky
Thanks again.

Well, closing all browser windows before using TS doesn't help (tip I got higher in this thread), I tried it but it crashed as usual.

Elantric, thanks, I wasn't aware that the file format should be it seems to work with MP3 too (except for the punctual crashes) I tought MP3 was right...this weekend I'll convert the MP3's I use to WAV, and start practicing with the WAVs. I'll keep you posted, but that might be the solution. To be continued...

 on: Today at 06:26:39 AM 
Started by rwl - Last post by rwl
Thank you for your responses

 on: Today at 05:51:08 AM 
Started by pjwassermann - Last post by pjwassermann

Can anyone provide any links to the technical background of SY-300 synthesis? I'm interested to know how the sound in this interesting box is being generated...

Thanks and kind regards
PJ Wassermann

 on: Today at 04:54:46 AM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by gumbo
Have you noticed that the pins are recessed more on the Roland than the Gittler cable?  I have a feeling that this causes a lot of the connection problems with the Roland cables.  Anybody have any observations on these differences?

I have noticed that the Gittler cable does feel like a more solid fit in both the Roland and Synth-Linx Jacks..  I don't necessarily think that he 'extra' pin length (and therefore implied contact with the female receptacles in the jacks) is really the difference from an electrical contact point of view, rather that they tend to perhaps lessen sideways movement of the jackplug once inserted in the jack.

In the case of the Roland jack, with its single internal 'ground' contact opposite the locking pawl, the Gittler cable may prevent an amount of movement during use and therefore mean less disruption to the ground circuit.

The tests that I have done using metal-bodied Synth-Linx Jacks do not show any appreciable ground contact stability difference between the Roland & Gittler cables, but the Gittler cable is by far superior in construction and forethought, and is certainly the one that I would recommend.

For me (running RR Strats in a stage situation) there is no better solution, particularly from the right-angle plug factor.



 on: Today at 04:07:15 AM 
Started by pjwassermann - Last post by pjwassermann
Expression pedal , sending midi volume mapped inverted on one of the two
( You need a midi cable though ) :)

Could work, I'm not a MIDI specialist. Probably expensive and clumsy. It would take three boxes, wouldn't it? One pedal and two MIDI controlled mixers, one for each stereo path.

 on: Today at 04:03:33 AM 
Started by pjwassermann - Last post by pjwassermann
maybe this could work?

This, too, is a switch. I mean "pedal", like volume pedal.

 on: Today at 03:59:47 AM 
Started by pjwassermann - Last post by pjwassermann
a small mixer would work but T-Rex makes it in a pedal form;

This is just a switch - I have it but I need a crossfader.

 on: Today at 03:58:27 AM 
Started by 47Flyer - Last post by Mikko127
Just out of curiosity to 47Flyer, are you using stereo output or mono output to the DI or the board?

 on: Today at 02:00:22 AM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by sixeight
I expected it to have a built in soundcard, but it is just a preamp.

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