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 on: Today at 09:38:04 PM 
Started by GtrGeorge - Last post by GtrGeorge
Germanicus..and everyone,
  I am running a 3 year old PC..a Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5055 Ghz)   it runs Cubase quite well and within cubase, Hypersonic..which is very usable for me (I play cover songs).
    The HD is Solid State and I don't know its access speed..but its nice and fast.
 Considering this additional data......worth doing the switch??   I really am frustrated with the GI-20 into XV2020...mis triggering, some latency...the sounds are lame and really impossible to edit. Oh yeah..... my rack with all of this is WAY to heavy.

 on: Today at 07:20:28 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by Elantric
My goal is to use FTP and jam-up on my iPad and that's it.

If not, what are the minimums I can go with please?

Minimum iPad setup would be use the FTP with Apple USB Camera Connection Adapter, then a TRRS Guitar Input Adapter - but i do not recommend it - (too much noise because of the Apple Microphone Preamp in iPad.)

Instead,use a Powered USB Hub that supports the FTP + a separate 24 bit A/D USB Class Compliant Guitar interface - like iRig Pro, or Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 - since this includes 5pin MIDI I/O  - useful for using a MIDI Foot controller or driving a Hardware synth.


 on: Today at 07:15:26 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by Elantric

Focusrite iTrack Dock
« on: January 17, 2014, 04:46:05 PM »

Suggest use
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 on: Today at 05:15:37 PM 
Started by myksara - Last post by Toby Krebs
Replaced the 2 6l6 output tubes  and set the bias to factory spec(they say in the manual that the tubes bias will drift and to check it regularly but they only make the things WTF do they know LOL!). Let them burn in a bit and this amp is amazing with the GR55 and GT10 and my old POD 2.0! Killer FRFR tone with tube warmth!It has a 1in.tweeter and a very heavy magnet 12 in. driver in an all wood tuned wedge cabinet. More detail to any of my patches with effects/dist. guitar much richer and no plastic sound/and absolutely NO FIZZ! I am using this with my GR55/pedals rig for the next 3 months.It will also drive another passive cab and/ or feed another powered one. Very impressive product. I can only assume that the new SS CLRs are also very good.For me I did tubes and don't mind looking after them. This thing has huge transformers in it and a 12AX7 P.I. as well. They really thought about this one when they designed it.

 on: Today at 05:09:14 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by iamdave
You've mentioned focus rite a bit. I wondered what you thought of this item on it's way out:

I see it has a usb. Would I be able to plug into that with the fish man triple play and not need any other items?

My goal is to use FTP and jam-up on my iPad and that's it.

If not, what are the minimums I can go with please?

Thanks a lot. :-)


 on: Today at 04:56:00 PM 
Started by aliensporebomb - Last post by IanRamos
musicman65 , i have in my main axe a BladeRunner as well as a Fender LSR nut and rolling string tree , so as little friction as possible .

if you do a deep dive bomb ( someting like an octave down , like you would do with a floyd rose ) IT WILL go out of tune , this is because the ball bearing string ends will move inside the tremolo block and it's unavoidable unless you lock the string in the bridge end of the strings ... ( single locking floyd roses have the same problem ) .

however , only my G string go sharp in that case , the rest of the strings hold the pitch pretty well ...

if you are very interested , i can make a video demo showing the guitar , so you see the BladeRunner in action .

 on: Today at 04:12:43 PM 
Started by aliensporebomb - Last post by musicman65
A 3 fret bend is part of the test. I doubt anyone would bend more than that. Once a string is stretched adequately, it won't go flat on a 3 or even 4 fret bend unless something slips....tuner, locking nut or bridge, etc.

True, if you bend a string far enough, it will stretch! A 3 fret bend isn't far enough. :D

As far as giving up FR perks....maybe. I don't do huge dive bombs a lot. I mostly use the trem to waver chords and create legato notes that float about fluidly in solos. A stock trem was good enough for Jimmi...if it'll hold tune within 3 cents, I'm game! I can always swap in a Super-Vee Locker later if it doesn't deliver.

I'd like someone to tell me if an open G chord still sounds reasonably in tune after a 3 fret bend and then again after a hard pitch drop. :D

 on: Today at 01:49:52 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by Elantric
I thought I'd mention that I ditched the SL Drive in favor of an EHX OD Glove.
Thanks for the review!

$58 at Amazon

Rich, overtone laden sound that doesn’t get muddy. Responsive controls that take you from sparkling, clean boost through brown crunch and all the way to thick, saturated hi-gain. Advanced features like Tone Shift and selectable 9 or 18V internal voltage for surgical sound sculpting. The new OD Glove delivers overdrive and distortion with impact, and the modern player in mind. "The OD Glove is unlike any of the overdrives we offer and great!” - Mike Matthews

 on: Today at 01:47:35 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by GovernorSilver
Looks like I snoozed and lost on that one. 

 on: Today at 01:27:53 PM 
Started by Elantric - Last post by sixeight
1:09 patch change. Sounds like less of a patch change gap than a GR-55 to me.

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