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Hi there, all you V-guys'n'girls, here is my story:

First contact with the 'digital' world was a zoom9001 in 1992. I bought it together with a Marshall Valvestate amp and a Gibson Les Paul Studio in winered with gold hardware. I was amazed by the delays and modulation opportunities I suddenly had. Then sometime I changed to a Korg AX1G wich sounded brilliant over the effect-return of the Valvestate. Then I tried some other multieffects and ended up with a Pedalboard and a Fender Superchamp XD with Jensen Speaker. Someday, a musical friend who played a Roland GR-20 with a Bass Guitar made me want it. Finally I swopped it against a Korg E-500 Keyboard, wich I bought earlier, just to have a "better" keyboard. So I got into guitarsynths. For a (for me) long time, about 4 years, I dreamt of the GR-55, and last week, I got a hit on ebay, the Unit without everything, only with the power supply. I bought it for 353,01 Euro, what is funny, cause the second highest bid was 353,00 Euro... That guy must have been pissed off... three day later, last monday, it came. The first day I played around, just checking, what is what, the second day also, on the third day, i got me an usb-cable and played around with the floorboard-software for two days, and today was my first rehearsal with my Latin Pop Band and anyone, me included, was blown away about the possibilities of the GR-55.
Oh, I forgot... I mounted the GK3 pickup on the 25-year-old Gibson Les Paul Studio :)
There is something to do, till the GR-55 fits perfectly into my bandperformance, putting patches together and leveling the volumes of the patches, but I shurely will not need to take an acoustic guitar and acoustic amp to rehearsals or gigs anymore.
It's a slow train coming, but it's coming. We predicted this two years ago. Gibson deferred the debt a couple of times, can't do it forever.

The guitars of my dreams as a teenager. I had the famous mid-sixties catalog with the Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel and Trini Lopez models. Yeah, baby those were some guitars!
Did ANYONE even buy the first version?
And reading the literature, Im still not sure what the second version does from the first one....

New AR-48 is $150USD cheaper, but the wireless Bluetooth for the color "Sensor ring" is  standard on AR-96    - but extra cost option on AR-48,

Zoom ARQ AR-48: A New, More Affordable All-In-One Production & Live Performance Instrument
Talula | October 8, 2017 | news | No Comments

If you’re into innovative tools for interacting with sounds and samples, you might have already put the dazzling Zoom ARQ Aero RhythmTrak AR-96 on your list.
If you found that a bit expensive, Zoom today unveiled the new and more affordable ARQ AR-48 Aero RhythmTrak.

The ARQ is an all-in-one production and live performance instrument that offers new and experienced electronic musicians a fun, easy way to craft electronic music.

Like the ARQ AR-96, the AR-48 is comprised of a Base Station and Ring Controller (FYI: the Bluetooth connection requires an optional connector sold separately).

The Base Station is laid out in four distinct zones: Sound, Sequence, Rec/Play, and Effect.

Here, musicians can access 460 synth, percussion, and vocal sounds, three sub-oscillators, and a synthesizer to start creating their music.

You can also load your own Samples via the SD-Card Slot. The ARQ’s loop-shaped Ring Controller features 16 pressure-sensitive with aftertouch which allow musicians to easily play onto the Ring’s surface and record sequences in real-time and control and shape their music by moving the ring controller thanks to the internal 3-Axis Motion Sensor.

Additionally, each pad has its own programmable multi-color LED, allowing musicians to create a visual layout for each instrument they use in a sequence.

The MIDI Output lets you control external synths and instruments. And the optional Bluetooth connector lets musicians remove the Ring Controller from the Base Station to create more visually expressive performances.

Here’s how you can create a sequence on the ARQ AR-48:


All-in-one drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, clip launcher, MIDI controller and live performance instrument
Includes 460 drum machine, synth, and instruments sounds
Import WAV files into the internal synth engine’s oscillator
16 adjustable Master Eff ects, including reverb, filters, delay, and more
Ring Controller with 3-axis accelerometer as a handheld aerial instrument for triggering arpeggiator sounds and effects
16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads with programmable color LEDs
Onboard 32-step loop sequencer for creating individual patterns or complete songs
Programmable synthesizer engine with three sub-oscillators
3.5 mm mini stereo input for phrase recording and loop creation
Play sounds chromatically, or choose from dozens of preset scales in any key
Dual 1/4″ line outputs, separate 3.5 mm mini stereo headphone output with dedicated volume control, and MIDI output
USB port for computer integration and SD card slot
Optional Bluetooth connection for the Ring Controller (BTA-1 connector sold separately)

Pricing & Availability
ARQ AR-48 is available now for 415,31€ incl. 19% Vat directly from Zoom, or from their European distributer Sound Service GmbH.

For more information, visit the detailed ARQ AR-48 webpage.
Oh, when to buy or wait has given me a lot of headaches. Glad it seems to have worked out for you!
I think the KC-110 looks cooler actually!
Did ANYONE even buy the first version?
And reading the literature, Im still not sure what the second version does from the first one....
For small home practice amp - much prefer the Vox Adio

For affordable gigging amp - much prefer katana
Still Vox is a winner or GT series is on good way?
Other / Re: GR-55 2 Guitars...
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This sounds very cool. Thanks for posting .
alp said: ↑
It exactly works that way also for me. However, ON/OFF status for the Patch EQ is common for all patches. Try it yourself, do a radical EQ tweak (let's say reduce the high cut down to 1kHz) on two of your patches and save those patches on two memory slots, then turn OFF the Patch EQ on one of these patches and jump to the other and you'll see Patch EQ is turned OFF on that patch as well, even though the ON/OFF display for Patch EQ on the BTS tells you otherwise.
OK, thats interesting and completely counter-intuitive. I'm gonna test that when i get home.

fr8_trane wrote >

So if this is true and you turn patch EQ on, you'll need to make sure that for the patches you dont want to use Patch EQ everything is zero'd. No cuts or boosts.

This doesnt surprise me considering that you cant have different delay times for green red and amber. You can only change the type of delay. Which makes absolutely no sense.
Based upon public opinion polls on every other forum  - Roland / Boss dropping the COSM branding on Katana  amp was probably among their best ideas in recent memory
Yep, big marketing win for a great amp. 'Tis always easier to manipulate than to educate.
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