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Author Topic: Roll our own modeler - ScorchCrafter Guitar FX DAW Plug-ins with source code  (Read 487 times)

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ScorchCrafter Guitar FX DAW Plug-ins with source code

A group of audio DAW plug-ins targeting Windows (VST), Mac (VST/AU), and Linux, mostly for Guitar Amplifier simulation, with the C-120 being the flagship product (which started off long ago as a closed-source VST). Open source, mostly under GPL.

Up to 128-bit (internal) Multi-Stage Guitar Amplifier Layered Distortion, also runs in 64 and 32 bit modes
Native Mac and Linux ports coming soon
Advanced maths for tube-like guitar amplifier distortion, doesn't use cheap waveshaping
Designed with dynamic response that changes according to the input level
--- Much more than just a basic "sample in, sample out"
Up to 12x Internal Oversampling, seperate controls for live/online and off-line render
Multi-Band EQ - low, mid, high, contour, presence
Built-in custom convolution-based cab-mic effect, works with almost any sample rate and/or audio buffer size
New version of C120 has less clutter in GUI, separate page for advanced features
No commercial bloat!
GPL license, but just for the plug-in itself
Any rendered/processed audio is YOURS (any license you want)!
Hand-Coded in C++, pre-fab code or "wizards" were NOT used to build this!
Primarily built with MinGW-w64 and Code::Blocks IDE
NEW Jykwrakker plugin also features custom stereo reverb FX you won't find elsewhere.

Audio Injector Octo Raspberry pi sound card

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SourceForge's current site design is garbage. The code is here:
There's an SVN checkout link up top, that's probably the easiest way to grab the tree. But I skimmed the code and it is admittedly not simple. I can see where things are happening but oi what a mess.

So I looked around a bit and found this series of tutorials on VST coding:
And that seems like a really gentle but solid series covering everything to get started.

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Faster CPU = Lower MIDI latency

But today each month brings faster embedded CPU single board computers in Raspberry Pi  or Beagle Bone physical size that have the horsepower to support open source linux guitar FX

Do you mean this ? -->

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Yes -along with other open source guitar FX options open new avenues 

One example of linux guitar FX is here:

Its getting apparent that these fast powerful single board computers pack lot of processing power, many have floating point DSP functions and onboard Stereo A/D DSP D/A at $40 each x three for $120 you can achieve separate string FX and have a open source V-Guitar by using a GK-3 into a Breakout box feeding three $40 single board computers  - the hardware to do this exists today

Just need a few smart cookies to contribute with the Program Code , but each month there are new guitar oriented real time FX that run on these posted at github and source forge

Google search on "open source guitar FX"  each month  - I expect this to be the future, because a few of us might die waiting for Roland to get off their butt and release a VG-99 replacement that may never arrive.
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i like where this could go. Roland/Boss no longer supporting 13-pin? No problem. Don't like audio quality shortcuts causing fizziness? Dive-in and make the trade-offs yourself. Feel like trying your hand at pulling apart a 1/4" composite guitar signal? Have at it. Want to include true 13-pin out, after alt-tuning? Just ensure the output DACs are there.

Granted, the guys who make Roland/Boss DSP, Axe-FX DSP, Line-6 DSP have a big lead that would be tough to catch-up with.

Perhaps some crowd-funded open-source development, to help the guys-who-can spend "quality time" working the projects.
SH-575 and SH-475 Carvins, w/ RMC hex and Duncan pickups (mods by iGuitar Workshop)
Boss GP-10 (latest rig), Roland VG-99 (old rig)
Gemini GX-150 FRFR powered speakers (drivers swapped to Carvin NE8-8 for weight and sound)


We might convince Mod Devices to consider a future 6 channel GK 13 pin input version of the popular open source Mod Duo effects processor


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