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 on: Today at 10:36:54 AM 
Started by Robbin-Rohner - Last post by Robbin-Rohner
Thanks ShawnB. I have the polyphonic issue worked out, and that's not the problem.
Other than the midi circuitry having been damaged,
the only other remaining possibility is Midi channel settings, as you mentioned.
This had occurred to me, but I thought that since the GR-20 had been plug n' play,
so ought the GR-30 be. But I could be wrong.
Therefore I am going to try changing the keyboard's midi output channels,
as you suggest. If that doesn't work, then the only conclusion I can come to
is the Midi circuitry is indeed damaged.
However, the GR-30 patches play perfectly using the Godin's or GK pickups.
and I will add it to my sale with no increase in price.
I will announce it later today in my eBay sale, and post it in the forum.
Robbin Rohner

 on: Today at 10:03:22 AM 
Started by Beanow - Last post by philjynx
Thanks for looking into it shawnb.

The automatic monthly renewal is actually a security improvement from the folks at and other providers following their lead. The idea being that faster renewal means they are more difficult to compromise. But it requires some work to get the moving parts set up.

I would definitely recommend using this, but should you want to go for a long term manual approach there are providers for that such as
In case of manually renewed certificates though, be sure to mark your calendar well before for the expire date. You won't have a good time if the expiration date sneaks up on you.

For the non-HTTPS images and links, this is still less of a threat than the login form in plain text. And perhaps to some extent you may be able to work around this issue with HSTS and redirect rules.

Since you are new to it and certificates start at $0 now, you could do some testing with a backup on a different domain and get a separate certificate for that.
Then work through:
  • Optional HTTPS
  • SMF config / redirect rules enforced HTTPS
  • HSTS + SMF config / redirect rules enforced HTTPS
The HSTS step being only when you're pretty comfortable with HTTPS working well. Because this is designed to be cached and enforced by the browser for very long terms (1 year for example).

Avoid StartSSL as you would the plague. I am a former customer of theirs. Never again.


My particular issue was their crummy code signing certificates that have a time bomb built into them. The above links refer to site certificates (the topic of this thread).

 on: Today at 10:02:57 AM 
Started by JiveTurkey - Last post by JiveTurkey
Mods; apologies for putting this in the wrong subforum. Ugh. My brain was hurting at the time of posting  :P

 on: Today at 09:59:02 AM 
Started by JiveTurkey - Last post by shawnb
Short answer is yes.   

There's a very similar current thread at the moment, that illustrates strengths and potential pitfalls:;topicseen

 on: Today at 09:44:38 AM 
Started by philjynx - Last post by philjynx

Sometimes the pcm tones don't cooperate.  Find a substitute if you can, like warming up a trumpet with a filter, etc.

Although the sledgehammer is calling more loudly than ever, I'll give your suggestion of a tweaked trumpet a go........ can't help wondering how many suicide terrorists were GR55 owners.

 on: Today at 09:40:18 AM 
Started by JiveTurkey - Last post by JiveTurkey
Did a search for this but I'm at my wit's end. Don't yell at me  :P ;D

Can I do cross fading via an external midi controller? I have an IR player with expression pedal connected. I want to connect the player to the 55 via midi then do all my cross fading with the external exp pedal. Or use the the onboard GR expression pedal to send a midi message to the ir player to turn off the IR when I bring in the synths. Onboard pedal toe down is all synth. Heel down is all guitar amp tones. Toe down would turn off IR, heel down would turn on IR block.

I would actually rather use the onboard expression pedal to do this but I can' seem to get the GR to work. All the usual suspects have been checked off the list(sending and receiving on the same channel, cable is connected, devices are turned on  ;D ). Suggestions? Give it up and use the onboard cabs?  :D

 on: Today at 08:59:41 AM 
Started by philjynx - Last post by shawnb

Sometimes the pcm tones don't cooperate.  Find a substitute if you can, like warming up a trumpet with a filter, etc.

 on: Today at 08:18:18 AM 
Started by philjynx - Last post by philjynx
French Horn PCM is faulty. That's my conclusion from this.
I have tried:
Three assigns:
1 Normal Guitar level
2 COSM Guitar level
3 PCM level.

1&2 to cross fade with 3.

Whether these are assigned to my external pedal (which sends CC68 values) or the built in pedal, makes no difference at all. Both arrangements result in in erratic PCM level and tone.

So, changing nothing else at all, I tried the same patch but using different pcm voices, strings, piano and a bunch of other sounds I've never even noticed before. Not a single one of them behaved erratically or badly. Switched back to French Horn (I think it is actually called Solo French Horn). Back to square one again, glitchy irritating unusable shite.

The only thing I haven't tried (since only one synth is in use on this patch) is to put the Horn on synth 2 instead of synth 1. Clutching at straws here.

 on: Today at 08:02:03 AM 
Started by Vade - Last post by Vade
Uploaded at

 on: Today at 05:04:13 AM 
Started by chlorinemist - Last post by chlorinemist
Here's another demo I made showcasing the Cycfi XR/Nu pickup combination and its synergy with the analog fx processing capabilities of the Spicetone 6Appeal. The pickups are perfectly suited for 6Appeal, as their extended treble response (20hz-20kHz) makes the resonant low pass filter a much more powerful and interesting tool than it would be with traditional pickups, which typically have no more than ~5kHz cutoff. I believe it is a hugely important part of the synthesizer like tones I achieve here.

All tremelo fx, volume swells, string pans and filter sweeps were achieved with 6Appeal. No volume pedal swells, all automated via 6Appeals ADSR.

The envelope ADSR is assigned to modulate all level parameters simultaneously on both hexaphonic paths (dry and distorted) but the mono pickup is left unaffected. I start off with the attack set very low, then gradually increase it to achieve a polyphonic "slow-gear" type effect. At some points I blend in my monophonic pickup, which is unaffected by the envelope, to layer a traditional guitar sound over the synth-like swelling hexaphonic sections.

The 2 LFOs are assigned to alternating strings (lLFO1: E, D, B LFO2: A, G, E) and are both modulating the level parameters as well, achieving a sort of poly-tremolo effect. I adjust the 2 LFO speeds with my BCR2000 throughout, creating lots of polyrhythmic patterns. Using the 32 step sequencer (I don't in this clip), which has all the same modulation capabilities, you can imagine things could get much more complex.

These are just some of the most simple, basic techniques you can achieve. The envelope and both lfos can do much more than swells and tremelos. They can be assigned to control the cutoffs, resonance and gain of the filters, or modulate the panning of the individual strings. The LFOS, Sequencer and envelope can be setup to be controlled by pitch bend messages, breath controllers or mod wheels. I feel like I'm just scratching the surface at this point, which is crazy considering how much cool stuff I've already managed to get it to do. Wish more pedalmakers had such ambition

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