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I find the new Apple USB 3 Camera adapter to be a problem solver

its has a USB Host port and a lighting power input port to provide power for the USB connected USB Class Compliant audio / MIDI device which fails the inrush current limitation of the IOS device - prevents this error message
Anyone tried one of these type of cables with power cable and the camera connection USB dongle? I have midi and audio running to and from my iPad. seems like it would work but no experience.

Boss SY-300 Patch Exchange / Re: SY-300 Talkbox Preset Request
« Last post by Rhcole on Today at 09:55:11 AM »
If you want a deep synth sound try the Blade Runner patch from this area.
retiring AND HAVING TO DOWN SIZE.......

I have a brand new Katana 100w combo with a GA-FC footswitch.  I would like to sell

$360 +shipping in continental US

I bought it a couple of months ago, thinking I would use it for practice or a backup for my Kemper rig.

But so far have really never touched it, it's still in the box clean as a whistle
I also have a MIDIX-20 for sale new in the box....$175

Let me know if you have ant interest

Still available if anyone is interested. Thanks Paul
Same here , I've been gigging with mine for 5 years AND LOVE IT.
Anything with word "strat" is always OK for me!

Thank you for sharing.
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