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General Discussion / Re: VG99 or VB99 with six string bass and GK3?
« Last post by vanceg on Today at 12:30:36 AM »
VG-99 won't track pitch below 3 half steps below normal guitar tuning.  AND there is a high pass filter (Significantly below that pitch, though).  I'd absolutely not recommend using a VG-99 with six string bass.  Even my 6 string that was just tuned an octave below a guitar didn't do well on the VG-99.  But, you CAN get some really cool sounds... but don't expect anything that relies on pitch tracking to work well.
New Gear Deals / Re: Deal Alert Thread
« Last post by admsustainiac on Today at 12:08:50 AM »

Focusrite 2nd Gen Scarlett Audio Interface: 6i6 $175, 2i4 $135, Solo
$70 & More + Free S&H
+20 Deal Score
16 Comments has select Focusrite 2nd Gen Scarlett Audio Interface on sale for prices listed below after promo code BLACKFRIDY. Shipping is free. Thanks iconian
Solo (2nd Gen) $69.99
2i2 (2nd Gen) $104.99
2i4 $134.99
6i6 $174.99
18i8 $239.99
18i20 $339.99
Hi-Tech Guitar Gear / Re: Kemper Profiling amp- "amp clone" beyond modeling!
« Last post by scratch17 on Yesterday at 11:24:12 PM »
I have the Kemper DI, too. I already had a Radial JDV Mk3, but I bought it to toast bagels. You just connect it between the KPA and a 500 watt amp and throw the bagel onto the resistors. I do wish they'd put a slot in the top like other toasters.
That clip was a lot of fun. I watched it a dozen times. Hilarious.
Amplification Systems / Re: TOOBTM - light 12" speaker cab
« Last post by Elantric on Yesterday at 11:07:38 PM »

Pudlefish wrote>

I wanted to pass on a simple and effective solution for the common problem of amp position/beaming highs in a band context-at least for single speaker amps and cabs.

For example: you put your amp on the floor for increased lows and it sounds good where YOU stand but the mids/highs beams the hell out of people across from you(and you may be suffering the beam from the player across from you).You think he's too loud and he thinks you're too loud,volume war ensues.

You can prop you amp up off the floor aimed at you but now the opposite problem happens,at proper volume you are being beamed with mids/treble by your own amp and now can't hear the other players enough. trash can.

Put your amp on the floor and place one of those 10 inch or so diameter trash cans about 10-15 inches away from the speaker's center.These things happen:

* With your amp on floor your lows stay intact and you hear a bit more highs.
* You get a better balance of your own volume vs other's from where you stand
* You are not beaming others since the upper mids & highs are more evenly dispersed
* you sound better to others(previously some hear way too much mids/high end while others hear your tone as more muffled)

That trash can be used to transport stuff like cables,etc..

Beam blockers strike me as too close to the cone,they helped a bit but not much.This is simple and it works.
Nearest I can tell it's a modern day version  of a mood ring or possibly a pet rock, maybe even a lava lamp don't know.

"emotion revolution.
R is the worlds first emotional 6-axis life form.
with unique possibilities to express emotions and react to a conversation
driven by baidu's leading artificial intelligence technology.
with six fully independent axes, loaded with sensors and microphones,
and with the same loudspeaker design as the H built into the base,
the industry grade motor control will make it dance and express feelings
in a way you have never experienced before.
and maybe, just maybe it will be compatible with OP-Z. "
Roland GR-55 Discussion / Re: GR-55 - Midi in Midi out
« Last post by scrutinizer on Yesterday at 06:26:54 PM »
Thanks guys.  I appreciate the time it took you to respond to this Elantric and mmmmgtr.  I think over the holiday break I will embark on Gumtown's GR55 floorboard editor download.  That will give me some time to mess around with something fun.  I think I tried it before, and knowing me, I probably did something incorrectly.  I still have the read me file for version 20150417: 17 April 2015 sitting here next to my desk.  I love the GR55 and the fact that I can have the best of both worlds... just wish I could multichain many more fx in the signal chain.   Hope Roland changes that someday.  Thanks again guys and I'm not back before the end of the year, Happy Holidays!   
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