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BillBax - GK Studio Extreme
« on: January 31, 2017, 01:45:17 PM »

BillBax sells a low noise GK-Buffer  GK Studio Extreme

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Re: BillBax - GK Studio Extreme
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Good choice of Op Amp!

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Re: BillBax - GK Studio Extreme
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Thanks Elantric for posting this topic. Bit of a tough one GK Extreme...

* Audiophile GK3 separate strings, and an improved audio specification compared to a GK3 with GP-10's usb separate string outputs.
* Drives a line-input at 1V, and no need for any gain.
* Low separate string total-harmonic-distortion at 1V or +2dB.
* Separate string signal-to-noise ratio is around -105dB, but can go as low as -108dB.  Note:  A signal-to-noise ratios is difficult to measure below -100dB, and reading fluctuations are common. Separate string maximum output calibration is critical.
* Diecast aluminium enclosure keeps EMI to a minimum.
* GK Extreme can be powered at +/-15V, as most op-amps perform better at 15VDC.

* Bulky multicore phonos/d-sub cable set required for separate strings out.  If you want to re-amp a v-synth symultaneously, a second custom multicore cable set is needed.
* Battery powered.  Most people do not like using battery operated devices, even though batteries can add precious dBs to a signal-to-noise ratio.
* Studio use only, due to the cumbersome multicore cable set.
* High component costs normally about fifty British pounds.

Adding Gumbo's 'military specification' 13-pin socket might be the beginning of a GK3 audiophile preamp. With six top panel DIP switches, dropping the preamps higher output, enabling regular 13-pin v-synth use.  A GK-Volume (pin-8) and UP/DOWN switches are also essential additions.  Does this sound like another GK3?

I am a big fan of OPA2134 as a gain-stage for the GK3 sensor, as the days of using NE5532 op-amp are long gone. Having said that, there are many untested state-of-the-art high-end op-amps available.  The new MUSES range by NJR spring to mind, and the mighty LME49990 op-amp is another one my shopping list.


GK Extreme 2008

3D Model with d/subs

GK3 Versus GK Extreme.  Signal-to-noise-ratio.

Signal-to-noise-ratio - one string.



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Re: BillBax - GK Studio Extreme
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"Does this sound like another GK3?"

.....let's try for at least GK4A..   ::)

...thinks: 'Time to get back into bunker...'   :-X
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