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« on: March 09, 2017, 08:41:38 PM »
Howdy Folks,

Greeting from the land of tartan, haggis, irn bru, crap football and some bloody great musicians. (Although not necessarily in that order)

I have been playing guitar for a little over 40 years now but as far of my experience of the world of guitar multi effects goes, I am most definately an absolute beginner. My experience extends little beyond a pile of Boss stompboxes ( I have acquired a few since the mid 1980s) played through a 30 year old Roland JC77.

A couple of years ago I bough a TC Helicon Voicelive 3 and although I have become rather nifty with the vocal effects my experience with the guitar side of the machine extends little beyond tinkering witha couple of the presets.

To commiserate my achievement of remaining vertical for 50 years my wife (God bless her) bought me a Godin ACS slim and when the distributor has sorted the rosewood import licence thing out (8 weeks already), I will be the owner of my first non used guitar in over 20 years. I think under these circumstances it would be very rude of me not to treat myself to a GR55.

Most weekends I sing and play guitar in a very loud rock covers duo (from ELO to Daft Punk) and we make our own backing tracks rather than settle for off the shelf files. However, at the end of 2017 my sidekick (luthier dayjob) will be retiring. Having a few years left in the old bones I intend to go solo as a Vocals/ Guitar/ Electronica/ Multimedia act. I have a little under a year to start learning the tools of the trade as my ideas are now coming thick and fast.

It is my intention to connect the GR55 to my VL3 and play this through my 2 LD Systems Maui 28 columns via a desk I have yet to buy (possibly the Behringer XR18).

I am here mainly to learn, listen to advice and hear some new ideas.

I look forward to conversing with some of you over the coming months and I believe I have come to the right plac to do this.


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Welcome to the forum. I remember the haggis and the irn bru.

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Slainte! Big Scotland fan myself, played there a few times (acoustic), really want to get back again....

If you tailor your presets at home and perform solo, you can run the GR55 into the VL3 and go from there directly into the Mauis without needing a mixing board. Very fast and convenient live!
Take what you need, put back a bit more, leave the place behind you better than it was before :-)

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May as well treat yourself to a boss rc-300 looper as well. All the old bones here are realizing that life is short and new gear is fun.;-)