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Re: ME-80 - USB Drivers / Boss Tone Studio
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2017, 11:03:09 AM »
BOSS TONE STUDIO  - BUG FIX  / MacOS 10.12 compatible
Support for macOS Sierra (10.12) was added.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
Unintended patch data sometimes being sent during a patch-selection operation was corrected.
Some keyboard operations failing to work properly was corrected.
Other modification to the behavior of the user interface were made.

BTS for ME-25 (WIN)

BTS for ME-25 (MacOS 10.12 compatible)

PLEASE READ THE "README.html" file that is included with the USB driver download
( 90% of ALL problems with Roland/Boss computer connectivity via USB occurs from folks who disregard following the supplied "README instructions contained inside the zip / rar/ tgz files .
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Re: ME-80 - USB Drivers / Boss Tone Studio
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All Boss Tone Studio for Windows download links have been removed while Roland /Boss sort out why recent MS Windows update/Adobe AIR updates present a conflict for the BTS Installer

If you already have HYS installed ,please DO NOT REMOVE IT .

I might take a few months for Roland/Boss to deliver a fix

Meanwhile ,use Gumtown's Floorboard Editor for your device (Katana,GP-10,GT-100,GT-001)

To all those having problems installing tone studio on windows 10: Set your date back (a year will do) and then run the install - this will get it installed and then you can change the date back to the correct date - All Good!
I believe it is probably something like a code signing certificate has expired (or similar) - changing the date gets around whatever check it is performing during the install. Enjoy!