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Helix - Multiple "voices" or signal paths
« on: April 17, 2016, 04:49:37 PM »
I was able to play through a Helix briefly and now I have Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I've seen videos of organ patches, for example from Glenn Delaune. However, does anyone know if you can have three things (signal paths) at once?
1) Organ patch
2) Acoustic Guitar from the Variax JTV
3) Electric guitar sounds with distortion.
From reading about the design this seems possible and it seems that I could control volumes or other paramaters with the extra expression pedals (bought separately).

If possible, has anyone tried it? Do you run out of DSP horsepower?
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Re: Helix - Multiple "voices" or signal paths
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2017, 01:43:33 AM »
Yes, you can have up to four independent, parallel stereo paths. Any input or FX return can be the the input for a path. I currently have mine configured this way:

Path 1: JTV-69 Magnetic pickups (via VDI cable) -> EHX LesterG rotary pedal (via FX send/return 1&2)
Path 2: JTV-69 Variax models (via VDI cable)
Path 3: EHX Key9 pedal set to Suitcase Rhodes (via FX send 3, return to aux input)
Path 4: GR-55 guitar synth (vix FX return 3&4) (note I have FX send 4 feeding an EXH B9 pedal HACKED input into the guitar INPUT of the GR-55)

(I also have the Helix AMP control out patched into a HACKED input for remote toggling of the GR-55's CTL pedal.)

Thus I have four different signal paths going at once, each with their own Helix FX.

The Helix is VERY powerful.
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