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 on: Today at 05:43:42 AM 
Started by midiman2011 - Last post by gumtown
Something like this, made by a forum member "codesmart", where you can intercept the GK cable's normal guitar tone,
 and send it through the guitar pedal effects, and then back into the GR-55.
It also has a GK 6 channel sub harmonic filter built in.


 on: Today at 05:41:02 AM 
Started by rocks_are_stupid - Last post by rocks_are_stupid
been a member on this forum for 2 years, I have started producing videos on YouTube featuring tutorials, original music and various tricks on using a Synth guitar setup. All videos include the Gk-3 pickup and a synth guitar pedal and I would love to know what you all think.

Channel URL is below

Royal Blood song cover

Synth Harmonizer and sustainer

Controlling string volume with synth pedal

any feedback would be appreciated :)

 on: Today at 05:34:21 AM 
Started by cabluriabr - Last post by gumtown
I found this site on Roland ready Zeta Violins

I assume you have the 8 pin to 13 pin adapter,
and have setup the violin in the GR-55 GK setting (level meter will show input level of each string)

and that you are using a genuine Roland 13 pin GK cable, and not a Kenwood type 13 pin CD stacker cable (these are sold on eBay as Roland compatible, but they are not).

 on: Today at 05:04:54 AM 
Started by Neardark72 - Last post by Antonuzzo
I just recently picked up a Harley Benton 5-string fretless for £100. It was a brand that I’d seen online but only glanced at on the basis that the build and sound quality wouldn’t be great.

Then I saw one in a guitar shop and gave it a try (I’d been wanting to have a crack at fretless but didn’t want to invest loads of money on something that I may not get on with). So I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a little on the light side but the build quality is incredible for such a cheap instrument, and it’s got a great range of sounds, with a lively passive circuit on board. Balance is great too. Even the acoustic tone is good – it sounded even better once I put flatwounds on it.

I bought it there and then and mounted a GK-3B on it – it’s a bit tricky to find a comfy spot to locate it. It turns out that fretless isn’t that difficult after all…

They do fretted versions too for around the same price. It’s not the finest bass in the world and not up there with the big boys, but you get a lot of instrument for your money.

Here's a picture - it's the one on the right.

 on: Today at 04:29:40 AM 
Started by midiman2011 - Last post by midiman2011
Buenas, en primer lugar quiero darle las gracias a este foro por su ayuda, después de año y medio experimentando con mi Roland gr-55 he tenido bastantes problemas tratando de optimizar su uso junto a mi conjunto de pedales, he de decir que para mì señal de pastillas magneticas utilizo una pedalera digitech rp255 que va en serie con una tc electronics flashback x4 conectada a un looper digitech jamman stereo y ete es el que conecto a mis monitores de estudio stereo y a dos amplificadores fender gdec y vox audiotronics.
Desde un principio note graves problemas por la atenuación de la señal de pastillas magneticas que sale a traves de la salida guitar out del roland gr-55,es decir;cuando conectaba toda la serie de pedales que os he descrito a esta salida,la señal de la guitarra para pastillas magneticas era muy pobre y sosa y los efectos que conseguia eran pobres en comparación de cuando conectaba mi guitarra electrica directamente a la entrada de mis pedales de efctos "analogicos",además los sonidos de los efectos digitales que sonaban por la roland gr-55 eran decepcionantes en el conjunto de la mezcla.
Después de probar mil combinaciones,hacer cables para loops,llegue a la conclusión de que la mejor manera era el usar dos cables en mi guitarra;uno que es el que lleva el sonido de mi gk-3 a la roland gr-55 y otro de jack convencional a la entrada de mi conjunto de pedales analogicos.
lamentablemente de esta forma estaba desaprovechando el conjunto de efectos y la simulación de amplificadores que ofrece el roland gr-55.
Ayer dí con la solución perfecta; me hice un cable Y que saca la señal de pastillas magneticas de mi guitarra y lo introduce en la toma de guitarra de la pastilla gk-3 y que deriva otro cable a la entrada del conjunto de mis pedales, de este modo dispongo de mas procesados de efectos; primero el conjunto de señales que genera y procesa la pedalera roland gr-55 se ha vuelto mas realista y nitido y he conseguido que el conjunto de mis pedales para guitarra analogica vuelvan a tener el buen sonido que yo quería.
Perdonad por lo largo del mensaje,pero otra de las cuestiones que he podido observar es que el sonido de los patches creados por usuarios en la gr-55 dependen en mucho de la ecualización del equipo que se tenga conectado a esta,es decir,yo me he bajado patches de usuarios de esta web que en mi equipo sonaban muy bien, y sin embargo otros de los cuales he visto videos, al probarlos sonaban bastante pobres.
En conclusión; desde que tengo la Roland GR-55 he dejado de tocar la guitarra para hacerme un curso intensivo sobre su uso, reitero los saludos y agradecimientos para los participantes de este foro.

 on: Today at 04:25:19 AM 
Started by midiman2011 - Last post by midiman2011
Good, firstly I want to thank this forum for your help, after a year and a half experimenting with my Roland gr-55 I have had enough problems trying to optimize its use along with my set of pedals, I have to say that for me Signal of magnetic picks I use a pedalera digitech rp255 that goes in series with a tc electronics flashback X4 connected to a looper digitech jamman stereo and ete is the one that I connect to my stereo studio monitors and two fender gdec and vox audiotronics amplifiers.
From the beginning, I noticed serious problems due to the attenuation of the magnetic pickup signal coming out of the guitar out of the roland gr-55, ie when I connected the whole series of pedals I described to this output, the signal Of the guitar for magnetic pickups was very poor and bland and the effects I got were poor compared to when I connected my electric guitar directly to the input of my "analog" effects pedals, plus the sounds of the digital effects that sounded through the Roland gr-55 were disappointing in the whole of the mix.
After testing a thousand combinations, making cables for loops, I came to the conclusion that the best way was to use two cables on my guitar, one that is the one that takes the sound of my gk-3 to the roland gr-55 and another Of conventional jack at the entrance of my set of analog pedals.
Unfortunately in this way was wasting the set of effects and simulation of amplifiers offered by the gr-55 roland.
Yesterday I came up with the perfect solution; I made a cable And that takes the magnetic pickup signal from my guitar and inserts it into the guitar socket of the gk-3 pickup and it derives another cable at the entrance of the set of my pedals, thus I have more processed Of effects; First the set of signals generated and processed by the roland gr-55 pedalboard has become more realistic and clear and I have achieved that the set of my pedals for analogue guitar again have the good sound I wanted.
Sorry for the length of the message, but another of the issues I've been able to observe is that the sound of patches created by users in the gr-55 depends a lot on the equalization of the equipment that is connected to it, that is, I I have downloaded patches of users of this web that in my computer sounded very good, and yet others of which I have seen videos, to try them sounded quite poor.
In conclusion; Since I have the Roland GR-55 I have stopped playing the guitar to take an intensive course on its use, I reiterate the greetings and thanks for the participants of this forum.

 on: Today at 04:23:21 AM 
Started by locutus6888 - Last post by gumtown
Greetings and welcome !!

I guess the first places to start are
1) global input setting, the default is 0dB, but it really needs to be knocked back, especially if you use high output or humbucker pickups.
-7 to 12 dB is a good place to start.

2.) output select setting, when plugging into the phones jack, automatically forces the GT to "line/phones" mode, which is good for headphones playing.
For the FX return use, probably "stack return" or "combo return".

good luck !!  :) 

 on: Today at 03:34:03 AM 
Started by locutus6888 - Last post by locutus6888
Hi to all,

I have had my GT-100 for a month now after deciding to replace my 18 year old, battered RP-1.

I have read and re-read more info on the GT than I can remember and watched hours of YouTube vids but am struggling
to get a decent tone out of the box. I have come to the conclusion that I am setting something wrong or that this unit is not
for me after all.

So I have come here to ask for some help. I have all updates. I have Floorboard and Boss tone central and they are all ok.
I mostly play thru headphones but also a little bit thru my amp at low volume. I must add that all this has been fine n dandy thru my RP-1.

My gear is a Marshall AVT 275 and have been using Left/Mono out from the GT into the FX Return on Amp so I can use the amp mods.
I use a 2013 LP 70's tribute with dirty fingers PU's 90% of the time.
Main music genre would by classic rock and 80's rock, leaning towards the Gary Moore tone and bit of Whitesnake.

I really am at my wits end after all my research, I just dont seem to get any where near what my RP-1 sounds like.
I must have somit wrong. Even downloaded patch that I have tried are nothing close to the vids that come with them.

Please, please help, this is my last resort. I dont like to bother people but I'm really stuck.

Sorry for long post and thanks for any replies and your time.

 on: Today at 03:12:20 AM 
Started by condor - Last post by condor
In this revision I unified the UI handling for all buttons. Now you can directly change from e.g. Delay/Fx to Boost/Mod.
Added the sync cmd after patch has been loaded too. Would be happy if somebody could also test with K100 and tell me his/her findings.

 on: Today at 02:52:04 AM 
Started by Adonf - Last post by Adonf
Bonjour la belle province, eh oui les Framus d'en temps étaient de vrais tracteurs dur dur, je suis comme toi je joue au casque un Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro 250 ohms le son est sublime je possède aussi une guitare faite dans ton pays une Seagull avec une finition extraordinaire le son aussi! pour les pédales d’effets je vais sur un forum de diy français pour le nommer ou il propose des montages qui n'ont rien a voir avec le commerce(qualité supérieure) a des prix défiant la concurrence et tu as le plaisir de les monter toi-même c'est vraiment facile si tu sais jouer du fer a soudé j'ai monté la British legend une tuerie.

Au plaisir de te lire.

PS Depuis le temps que ma blonde et moi voulons chauffer le char ;D pour voir le Québec on va bien finir par venir surtout a l'été indien voir le Saint-Laurent.

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