Author Topic: SY-300 - Stacker: Clean Complex Intervals/Chords with the Oscs; Needs Exp Pedal  (Read 253 times)

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Offline Rhcole

This is a slight-of-hand patch, and it requires the Exp Pedal to pull it off. It has two progressive holds of Oscs 1 and 3 that trigger at different parts of the pedal's range. Closest to the heel, it holds Osc 1 so you can swell any held notes in. As you get to about 2/3 of the range, Osc 3 holds while Osc 1 remains held. Osc 2 is also active, and you can switch it in and out with the regular input using Ctl 1.

The result of this somewhat complicated Exp Pedal programming is that you can stack very complex intervals on top of one-another with perfect clarity. You need to develop the feel of your pedal but with a little practice you will find you can play material that would glitch-out on the SY-300 otherwise.

It may also inspire you to play the SY a bit differently, which could lead to creative explorations. The good news about this patch is that you could set the Oscs to many different settings and sounds.

I was inspired to program this as I have been interested in the power of the held Oscs to create stacked, clean synth sounds. I was forced to use the Exp pedal because, well I couldn't get anything usable out of Ctl 1 by itself and I no longer use Ctls 4 and 5. The secret of course is that glitches come from the pitch converters getting confused by complex intervals; when an Osc is held, it no longer listens and so it is perfectly clean when stacked with other intervals.

This is a nice and underused feature, I hope this opens up interesting possibilities for you.

Offline lumena

looks great I will check it out over the weekend.
I recently stopped using 4/5 in favor of an expression pedal too, so I have been monkeying with the midi.
As always you are far ahead of my progress - so I am grateful that you are sharing your discoveries.

Offline Rhcole

I worked with this some more last night. It really works! I adjusted the settings for the heel hold for Osc 1 to be a more narrow range and I changed it to a Triangle wave. I find that I can back the pedal down slightly from the toe position and re-trigger the Osc 3 holds. Obviously all of this requires careful technique but you get clean poly holds and drones.

I could imagine 20 or so patches from this approach that would all be unique and interesting.

Offline gobi

wow, yes that's interresting! I had change a few settings to fit to my pedal, but now it's real great.
Wondering how often the "loops" will be enharmonic, in case of using more strings. Anyway, very inspiring!!! Thanks a lot.
...sorry  for my bad english, i'm from germany