Author Topic: SY-300- Poly Fuzz Glide: Clean Poly Fuzz with Octave Glide  (Read 183 times)

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Online Rhcole

I never check out the Roland/Boss patches, because I like to eat my own cooking on the SY-300. But I have to believe that a patch like this would be something posted up on the Tone Studio site. Whether it is or isn't this is a patch that sounds really close to a poly fuzz like the kind you would get from a 6Appeal or similar type of hex fuzz. It does surprisingly well with chords and intervals and only stumbles on dissonant sounds. The kicker for this patch is the Octave jump glide from Ctl 1. THAT'S something you don't usually get from the hex fuzz boxes. An Exp pedal controls the blend between regular guitar and the synths.

This is probably it for my "hexperiments" (sorry, couldn't resist  :P). Hex-type patches work well on the SY but they aren't my native tonal palette, so a little goes a long way for me.