Author Topic: SY-300- Sea of Holes: 100-Proof Psychedelia  (Read 209 times)

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SY-300- Sea of Holes: 100-Proof Psychedelia
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:14:30 AM »
*Note* If you downloaded this under its old name "Caramel Flowers", this is the SAME PATCH. I just never liked the original name, so I changed it.

Every time I look at a demo video of EarthQuaker pedals, something like this pops out. Their effects are unapologetically weird, and I always think I can do something like that myself. I'LL SHOW THEM! Then I make a patch like this.

It's terrific if you love sonic exploration, in fact there's a chance you may never have heard anything quite like it. Hendrix would have used it for sure. The patch name is a wink to the "Sea of Holes" in the movie Yellow Submarine.

There's an awful lot going on here: reverse echos, swirling guitars and synths alternating, bit-crushers... This is a kitchen sink patch. You probably can't do this on any other box.

Anyway, if you want to vanish in a sea of holes, here's your chance.
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