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Re: Godin XTSA
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Hi everyone.

I'm trading a guita for a ~2005 xTSA. Not so much for the synth capabilities (as I have no synth gear or desire to spend on one) but because it seems like a quality guitar and I like the design. The piezo should be nice, too.

Background: I always tweak the electronics, install pickups and try to improve wiring. Could really use that 3rd pot and 2 toggle slots for the magnetic pickups's wiring.

My question, is the piezo stuff independent from the synth stuff? Can I remove the synth board, etc to make room for the eventual push-pull pot and leave the piezo working?

50s wiring, CTS pots, PIO caps... I'm already drolling :D


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Re: Godin XTSA
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