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Roland GR-55 Discussion / Re: Sending CC when selecting patch.
« Last post by Quizzus on Today at 12:35:16 AM »
Thanks for reply. What I am trying to do is get UnO feature from FCB 1010 - I programmed the lower row to send Program change, and upper to send CCxx (let say I send CC#3 1) to switch FX and whatnot. It works perfectly for the first time, after that CC needs to be reset, otherwise the "stompbox" stops working at all. I was actually expecting Program change would automatically reset all CCs, but I am soooo wrong. Ok, this actually can be done with FCB programming as well, Program change pedal should include + CCxx reset (let say CC#3 0). The only problem here is that I have only two CC changes for each FCB patch, which kinda limits possibilities to two "stompbox" pedals. Another possibility is to program the second "volume" type pedal to reset the CC to zero for the "stompbox" patch, but... this is kinda clunky.

I believe UnO can do it out of the box, I am just messin' around and trying to "cheat the system", but seems like I just have to get the chip and stop worrying :).
GK Guitars / Re: Fender-Roland GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster question
« Last post by Chameleon on Yesterday at 07:22:27 PM »
I purchased a basically unused GC-1 for a great price a few days ago. I got to run it through its paces with my GP-10 in a band setting today. Overall, it is solidly built and I like the control layout. It does seem darker than my american Strat with the GK-3 external. I only used the GK pup and a blend, so I can’t say much about the stock pups l, but I’m sure I’ll want to swap them.The GC-1 is set up with 9s, so I’ll switch it over to 10s when I need a string change. No tracking issues to speak of...a bit less bass response on on the low E and A...needs some internal tweaking/10s/posibbly pickup adjustment.

I concur that the trem is’s got to go. I’ll try to string it with the locking method when I put the 10s on, and I expect it to be somewhat better, but I highly doubt it’ll be good enough. It’s probably time for a bladerunner...
General Discussion / Re: The Hate is Spreading to Marshall
« Last post by Chumly on Yesterday at 07:11:33 PM »
Hello GuitarBuilder,

You’ve witnessed American exceptionalism / American jingoism; however none of this is in any way new.

What is new, at least relatively speaking, is that there has been a major shift in the manufacturing base away from domestic and towards non-domestic, and with it the loss of many of those better paying manufacturing jobs. This shift, combined with a dramatic de-funding of the public education system, plus a massive decrease in tax rates only for the ultra-rich, plus a number of other powerful socio-economic changes that would take too long to address, makes it no surprise that you will now get those kinds of responses to your Craigslist ad, from time to time.

I am not an American, I'm Canadian, but I will remind you that you still live in perhaps the freest country in the world, and you very much can exercise your will to great effect, should you have the desire to do so!
General Discussion / Re: The Hate is Spreading to Marshall
« Last post by GuitarBuilder on Yesterday at 06:32:26 PM »
I derive a lot of Philosophy from musicians. Such encounters always lead me to these lyrics by Ralph Towner. One has to realize that we're all in various stages of growth.

"Silence of a Candle"

"there falls the words of fools about my ears
to hasten by the years the journey that I make through myself.

the travellers that pass by me as I wend my way
 all reaching out to say their path can find the way
to the truth.

answers everywhere, promising solutions to my fears

leading through halls with no doors in the walls
and leave me in the darkness.

but to close my ears to all will bar the way for those who've travelled through.

the silence of a candle burning in my room
speaks softly of a peaceful balance to be found just beyond.

the road within without a right or wrong,with lanes for only one where solely one must see, and will know.

a stillness that resounds, singing sounds of hope to light my way

 drawing me near to a path that is clear,
to free myself from darkness.

and the voice within the candle whispers of a timeless peace
that lies beyond.

and the voice within the candle whispers of a timeless peace
that lies beyond."

I like Ralph!
Helix Discussion / Re: VGuitar Helix owners?
« Last post by Vaultnaemsae on Yesterday at 06:20:48 PM »
Downloaded the free trial of the Helix Native (alleged to sound identical). Wanted to like it but it sounds like arse.
User Reviews / Re: Roland GR-D
« Last post by Peter the GR-eat... on Yesterday at 04:40:01 PM »
I bought the GR-D and S  some time ago when they were being sold-out cheep.

I like them both! I might even post a review some day. :)
Boss GP-10 Patch Exchange (GK Input) / GP-10- OSC SYNTH revisited
« Last post by Peter the GR-eat... on Yesterday at 04:19:36 PM »
After trying, and failing, to program any usable sound on the SY-300 I decided to try out the
OSC SYNTH on the GP-10 again.
Haven't really used it a lot course I felt that latency was to great and programming was slow frustrating having to switch between menus even whit the editor.

But after the SY-300 I felt like a breeze. :D The programming process is still slow. And you have adjust your playing style But...
It's actually possible to get descent sounds out of the OSC SYNTH.
Making these kind of simple patches fast was what i thought would be the benefit of the SY-300

But so far no. >:( :o :'(

CTRL 1 for hold on/off CTRL 2 changes the hold mode.

Tried to blend the normal pickup with a distorted sound but it didn’t didn’t sound to good so gave that up.

However blending this patch and Poly dist from the GR-D sounded good to me.
GK Accessories / Re: Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal
« Last post by admsustainiac on Yesterday at 04:18:25 PM »
If you think a y cable will allow you to connect one expression pedal to two  destinations,  you have a poor understanding of the Roland/ Boss expression pedal circuit interface which requires a full TRS cable for each connection

details here

No problem - just thinking out loud.  And, not complaining in the least!  Would be lost without MIDX-20.
Antares Auto-Tune for Guitar Discussion / Re: New ATG Guitar Build
« Last post by whippinpost91850 on Yesterday at 02:49:34 PM »
Thanks that worked. ;D
 It saved me a lot of time nd rereading the install directions to see what I was missing.
I ws able to download the update and shouldf be all set when I do the install next month
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