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Roland GR-55 Discussion / Re: Intermittent G string output
« Last post by admsustainiac on Today at 01:46:50 PM »
Explore the Typical cable issues
Thank you for the info! I'll check out the assign functions and follow up...    ♫♫
Blues / Re: VG-99 - John Mayer style Stratocaster Patches
« Last post by aliensporebomb on Today at 12:30:31 PM »
Oh great, NOW I refer to the original post that this was a librarian file.

Luckily I keep backups of my VG-99 patches - I have for the first time in a long time a totally empty VG-99!

Weirdly when this wiped the VG your patch did not appear, it was 100 patches of INIT PATCH.  FYI.
Roland GR-55 Discussion / Intermittent G string output
« Last post by tommy h on Today at 12:05:43 PM »
Hey guys ,haven't been using the GR-55 that much lately,but i noticed now that the G string often has no output from the GR-55 all other strings are fine. If i power the unit off and than reboot it usually rectify's the problem .However it seems to be happening much more frequent. Any ideas? Also i had a midi problem using a fractal AX-8 AS THE CONTROLLER.( I never had issues before ,but today it was working fine and then would not switch to the proper preset . I have the unit atlas 5 years ,i wonder if it is dying?   Thanx
Found a bit of code that allows me to turn the LEDS of the Lan connector on and off on the Raspberry Pi.

Now the green led will light up when VCbridge is running.

wow, yes that's interresting! I had change a few settings to fit to my pedal, but now it's real great.
Wondering how often the "loops" will be enharmonic, in case of using more strings. Anyway, very inspiring!!! Thanks a lot.
DIY Hardware / Any Clean (low noise) switched power spupply?
« Last post by cags12 on Today at 10:19:29 AM »
What DC-DC power boosters converters (switched ps) do you use in your audio circuit projects? Anything in particular with good filters in the output that do not introduce much noise into the audio?

Mostly interested in boosting the voltage of a Lithium battery 3.7v up to 5v but with no unwanted noise.
If it is only a few frets of that string, my first thought is slight fret buzz.  That interferes with pitch detection.
My thought as well, especially since it occurs if picking, but not with thumb ...
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