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Boss Katana Patch Exchange / Re: Frequency of katana speaker
« Last post by gumtown on Today at 02:40:13 AM »
Not enough information in your question.

What specific frequency are you after?
resonant frequency?
low frequency response?
frequency response graph?
Tutorials and Demos / Re: Cables 101: Instrument vs. Speaker Cables
« Last post by Headless68 on Today at 01:56:24 AM »
@ Gumbo - your memory is going, our English beer was cold :-)

@ Ford Cortina's, the best thing for them was smoke, followed by fire :-)
Boss Katana Patch Exchange / Re: Katana - harmonist patches
« Last post by Stevie F on Today at 12:32:20 AM »
afaiu - harmonist needs to be ajusted to the exact key you are playing in ... as well as remaining fx for your liking... have no idea what do you ask and what you expect to be done for your purpose? that's one of quite tricky effect to use, not one magic "do it beautiful" button in fx c i am looki g for a trevour rabin[ sound like on the helix quote author=Meesha link=topic=20379.msg148326#msg148326 date=1491401528]
thanx, mercury1 !
i researched few tabs for that song, and for my taste they all was wrong here or there, so i had to listen a lot and tried to mimic exact may's playing on record.. that was my try)
will have to give harmonist another go anyway while practice )))
General Discussion / Re: Electric Guitar is Dead (your opinion)
« Last post by Tony Raven on Today at 12:31:10 AM »
Do notget me wrong -- I love synth. That's one the reasons I'm here, an abject adoration for Roland keyboards.

But the fact remains that guitar will ALWAYS be more immediate onstage in a way that is simply NOT approachable by keys.

I ain't partular good, but someone can bring an offtune gutstrung axe out to the firepit, twobusted strings & all, & I can keep them happily howling until sunrise.

So long as THAT remains, the guitar ain't by any stretch dead.  ;D
Boss SY-300 Patch Exchange / Re: SY-300 Talkbox Preset Request
« Last post by Rhcole on Yesterday at 10:41:19 PM »
I think Farmer means SY WITH a talkbox. Don't know whether anybody's tried it.
Boss Katana Patch Exchange / Frequency of katana speaker
« Last post by Stevie F on Yesterday at 10:33:34 PM »
 Does anyone know the frequency khz of the speaker in a boss katana 100 watt combo ?
Apple Mainstage / Mainstage 3.3.1 Released
« Last post by guitarnstuff on Yesterday at 09:36:23 PM »
Several bug fixes from 3.3.0
VG-99 General Discussion / Re: VG-99 EDITOR for Mac (Help Needed)
« Last post by renanpenedo on Yesterday at 09:26:27 PM »
Yes, surely...

I would NEVER imagine I should try to download this from another server...

Thanks a lot...
VG-99 Top things to know / Re: VG-99 Editor / Librarian Version 1.01
« Last post by admsustainiac on Yesterday at 05:29:58 PM »
VG-99 Editor download from Australia

- its different than the RolandUS version
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