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Re: Zoom MS-70CDR
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Re: Zoom MS-70CDR
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I've mentioned this in a few threads hereabouts in the last few months, and it's time for general release.

ZoomLib v1.0.1 is now available for Windows and MacOS.

If you have a Zoom effects pedal with a USB port, you can back up your patches, share them online and keep a HUGE repository of them on your computer, swapping them into and out of your pedal at will.

(Yes - even those pedals with USB that Zoom says is for firmware upgrade only – but, see note below.)

At present, the program works with:
MS-70CDR, MS-60B, MS-50G,
G1on, G1Xon,
B1on, B1Xon,
G5, G3, G3X & B3 pedals.

It can:
- back up and restore the entire pedal or individual patches
- rearrange the order of patches on the pedal
- upload/download patchfiles to/from a dedicated forum – – for sharing
- download patches from similar pedals:
* G3 and G3X patches can be loaded into either pedal;
* G1on, G1Xon, B1on and B1Xon patches can be loaded into any of those pedals

The program includes a built-in basic browser so that online patch files can be up or downloaded directly via a drag and drop interface.

You can download it from the downloads section (or via the General Discussion board) of

The program is free.
That's because ... the world needs this program.
(Also, to be frank, because I'm developing bigger, better things for Zoom pedals: footswitch, expression pedal, tap tempo, midi control and “scene” control co-ordinated in real-time for multiple pedals. The USB interface can be used to control almost any aspect of any of these pedals. ZoomLib gives a tiny taste of what can be done, so I hope it will whet some appetites.)

While ZoomLib is free, if you wish to contribute, the program will tell you how. (Thanks to those who have or will!) The other way you can help is by clicking on the advertisements (which will be kept to a minimum.) At some point, I'll see if I can make these ads a bit more relevant.

Please enjoy ZoomLib.
Please also upload your patches! It's easy: just dragging/dropping within the program. (You do have to register and login to upload, but not to download patches.)

(Here is the “note below” referred to above. This program works with the above-mentioned pedals with current Zoom firmware. Note though that any firmware upgrade by Zoom could break this program. (However, at least then we'd have a firmware upgrade!) I expect it could work with other usb equipped pedals such as the G2.1Nu, B9.1ut, G5n etc, and I am happy to add these – I just need the co-operation of a brave pedal owner.)

Dave (drdashdot)

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Re: Zoom MS-70CDR
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