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The offset on those saddle adjustment screws look odd.
Nice looking guitar !!  :)

Your GK-3 PU is awfully close to the Normal bridge Humbucker

You might be suffering impact of Magnetic flux phase cancellation interactions between both pickups

it does happen  - with negative results
Japanese Patent Publication Number 2985061

Since you know guitars - as a test, i would temporarily physically remove the Normal bridge Humbucker PU - and retest the VG-99

and learn how to post pics

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Gk sense from 0 to 100 and everything in between. I have all kinds of gk songs saved for hotter signal, medium, soft, midi triggering specifically, and tweaked every possibility in there attempting to alleviate this issue. Having internet problems now. Tried ten times to send pics. Those should show now. Some from when it was first rolandized. Still looks the same. The pickup itself got swapped though because I was setting it up and managed to break it. Don't ask. I put the gk3 external pickup and wire under the internal pickup cover and cut a notch in the side for the wire which actually gave me a smidgen more freedom with height adjustment (not much) and that's  what's on it now. Just the inards of the pickup itself was swapped from an external gk3. None of that would really make any difference. In theory anyway. The only difference is which side of the pcb they wondered the wores on. This project gets out of control every time I screw with it.
What guitar do you have the GK3 mounted on?

Picture of the mounting setup please?

Also what GK SENS levels are you using?

The one time you played a chord it sounded like the guitar was somewhat out of intonation.

That's the ibanez s970. Might have been out of tune. Just did the intonation. Maybe 2 or 3 days ago. I'm not perfect, I'll definitely double check that. I have to intonation the old one with the gk2a too. That one is def out.  I posted the entire project of that guitar on this site somewhere a long time ago. I think drop box stopped hosting the photos.   >:(  give me a min and I'll dig something up. I'm actually getting in bed now but thanks for all the ideas. I'll be focusing on this tomorrow big time. Anyway pictures coming. Couple min.
Hi-Tech Guitar Gear / Line6 Variax or Roland GK
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Guys whats is more stable system? im planning to install roland gk to my guitar for different tunings, also looking for tronical tuners

thank you for help and suggestion guys
You look at sites like Sweetwater. They are getting one ATG-1 in here and there. There can't be many units or components left.
I'll bet there are only a couple of dozen up for sale across all of the different sites, many still at $695.
9 Antares going to continue selling kits and boards?

Not after August 31, 2017 ( next week )
1.i mean the sofftware feature pack installed becomes disposable when the board fails after August 31 2017?anyone cannot transfer because the server is offline? Antares going to continue selling kits and boards?

To put it simple.
Everything will get discontinued. The only Antares will keep providing is support and replacement for 1 year for products stills under warranty.
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