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Boss Katana Amp - General Discussion / Re: Katana - MIDI over USB
« Last post by rolandvg99 on Today at 10:28:51 PM »
Then, PC#s for channels 1-8 would be 000-007?

You can set those to your liking in Boss Tone Studio under "System" and "MIDI"
Hi Christian,

Thanks again for all the inputs.

ATG in Standby (just powered on, not playing):     ~185mA    (Measurement taken on Battery+)
ATG in Standby + mi.1 (sending Active Sense):      ~191mA    (Measurement taken on Battery+)
mi.1 (Sending Active Sense and CC):                     ~6.5mA     (Measurement taken on MIDI+)

Based on these values, battery should last almost the same as before.

Use this values for you to compare.

I will try to measure as you suggest and report back.
Can you please tell me exactly between which points to insert the multimeter set to mA?
Where do I find Battery+?
MIDI+ is Orange or Brown?

I will also sacrifice a set of 4 batteries to time how long they last precisely.
It could have been only an impression that with Quicco ON the time is much shorter.

You can combine option 2 and 3.
Option 3 can be implemented independently only as a solution for the G10 issue for the time being. This requires no routing at all. I advise you strongly to go ahead with this now.
Option 2 can be implemented later only for switching ON/OFF  the QuiccoSound (disconnecting the Orange wire [MIDI OUt+]) - The switch can be installed on the back plate as your other switch, so no drilling into the wood.

I am thinking to go with your 9-lug Stereo Jack solution for the G10 AND with a hybrid one for the Quicco: WDYT about installing the second/additional 5 PIN female connector on the Back Plate instead of on the guitar? I measured and, if stretched to the max (without breaking it) the Quicco can reach with the MIDI IN bud inserted in the default 8PIN connector and the new 5 PIN connector mounted on the back plate. This way I don't have to drill the wood.
It doesn't look as neat, but it could work?
One more reason for not wanting to do it on the guitar is that, in my particular case, having studied the cavity in detail, the only place I could go with the new whole is towards the Strap pin... and this is where I am hoping my Jam Stack will come when available and I don't want to risk having to change things again then.
Let me know what you think about this.

Would you be kind to try and search for this 9-lug 1/4 jack on Amazon and point me to it? I tried, but couldn't find one or not sure if they would fit (found some for Fender).
I can order from the link you sent me initially, but so much easier from Amazon for me.

One last question here, with this replacement, is there any downside? Will mono jack cables, including my Samson wireless transmitter still work?

Here is the switch you asked me about in as close pics as I could take:

Guitar to MIDI - 5-Pin MIDI Out to Hardware / Re: JV-1080
« Last post by Peter the GR-eat... on Today at 07:14:34 PM »
For pads it ok. But overall difficult. Varies a lot from patches. I think it could be impoved by adjusting the settings on the JV-1080.
But its a tiresome editing process to say the least.  >:(
Some of the synth sounds are really nice. Best hardware i tried so far that is somwaht portable.
And no baguette.  :) Just a really wore down chair in a funny angle. 
Guitar to MIDI - 5-Pin MIDI Out to Hardware / Re: JV-1080
« Last post by chrish on Today at 06:38:33 PM »
How is the pitch to midi tracking as far as latency and glitching goes with that setup?

And is that a baguett in front of the synth module? ;D
Guitar to MIDI - 5-Pin MIDI Out to Hardware / JV-1080
« Last post by Peter the GR-eat... on Today at 06:32:32 PM »
To make things a bit more complicated i connected my GP-10
via MIDX-20 to my JV-1080 for some pad sounds.

I have the vintage synth expansion card.
And the is a GR-300 patch and 2  GR-300
Waveforms on that card. Pretty cool. :D

There is a Swedish expression "Gå över ån efter vatten”
that might be fitting för this setup.

Haven found a good translation to English but maybe the Royal Swedish V-Guitar force could get to the bottom of this.
But it would probobly be a waste of time and resources. ;D
I wonder if the V-Guitar electronics in the V-BDN gonna be available as a kit?
A super GK-KIT-GT3 u know.  :D
But probably not.
This could be the one!
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