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Clarence Gatemouth Brown
« on: June 17, 2017, 09:23:23 AM »
I got to see Clarence Gatemouth Brown at 2000 NOLA Jazzfest

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Re: Clarence Gatemouth Brown
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Never had the pleasure of meeting him but felt like I knew him .
Several gigs over several years I worked in Jazz Fests had me around
people who had worked and knew him . Once his name  was mentioned
smiles always followed .

Once I had been around these influences that knew him I began to  take an interest in his
music . The eclectic manner of his song selections showed me the depth of this man being quite
profound . He made me realize I had to maintain the instruments I had already leaned and to
try and incorporate them into a performance .   Covering different genres like standards , CW ,
R&B The Blue and it's many permutations was his forte .

Thanks for posting those vids .

EZ :