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Hi Folks, clearly I'm a dumb-arse but I cannot for the life of me work out how to move patches about.

I have found all my favorite patches. Some are the patches that come with the GR55 and some I have found and now I want to put them into the User patches into the order I want. Given the Librarian from Roland simply refuses to run on Windows 10, I am trying Floorboard.

I've worked out how to load/save and edit patches. Now I simply want to move them around.
I tried double clicking one patch and pressing Patch Copy (down the bottom) then double clicking where I want the patch and pressing Patch Paste.
It warns me that this cannot be undone but then nothing seems to change.

What should I be doing?

Also, what does a single click on a patch do? It makes a small window flash the name of the patch 5 times but what for?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: GR-55 Floorboard Editor - How to move patches around
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Hi Ya !!
The GR-55FloorBoard wasn't initially designed as a librarian, as Roland had already provided one.

The aft of moving and loading in patches will have to be done one at a time,
 unless you have a bulk bundle of patches to load in, in on go,
then you would use the "Load Bulk Patches" function from the File menu.

So to move and existing patch or load in a single patch to the GR-55 User memory,
 either open the patch file so it loads into the user GUI display (settings you see on the editor screen),
or if a GR-55 patch, double-click on the "Patch Tree" the patch you want loaded into the editor.

Select a User patch space to "write to" by a single-click of the Patch-Tree", this will also select the patch number on the GR-55.
Then press the editor "Write" button, this will over-write the existing GR-55 user patch with the one currently in the editor GUI screen.

repeat this process for the rest of the patches requiring moving.

Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from

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Re: GR-55 Floorboard Editor - How to move patches around
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One at a time is fine by me gumtown.  :)

Thank you for replying so quickly. I never would have worked that sequence out but now you say it it makes sense.

Thanks for all your hard work on Floorboard. Donation on it's way  ;D

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Re: [Solved] GR-55 Floorboard Editor - How to move patches around
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Hi gumtown,

just some feedback for you. I have arranged everything the way I want it, so thanks for the reply.
But as I pressed "Write To" the patch tree window did not update to show the new patch name.
All I had to was close the bank and reopen it to see the new name but it does given the impression nothing happened.

Tiny issue, but I thought you'd like to know.
I'm on Windows 10 - 64 bit.


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Re: [Solved] GR-55 Floorboard Editor - How to move patches around
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Hi Neil
I'm on Win10 64, and i don't have problems installing driver.
try USBDEVIEW portable ( no install ) and look if there are failed attempts of installations.
You may have several USB multiple peripherals causing a kind of conflict.
Before S.O upgrade i found many old mouse, keyboards, joypads and so on :)
so i removed all garbage.
Roland Librarian works fine.
Good luck!
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