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Possible Fix--Warbles
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:00:29 AM »
After purchasing an ATG-1, GI-20, and an RME aio soundcard (rme only provided 2 ms advantage over the GP-10) to duplicate the functionality of the GP-10, I decided I didn't need $1200 worth of gear to do what the GP-10 does quite well on its own so I sold it all without taking a loss and re-purchased a GP-10. But as I was quite used to external processing I decided to make an init file that has EVERYTHING turned off except for the alt-tuning and guitar modeling.  All 99 patches were replaced with this init file.  So, I use it solely for alt-tuning and guitar models and use other software for effects and amp modeling in my DAW. I created several alt-tuning patches with 335, nylon string, acoustics, sitar, fretless, etc.  I alt-tuned these +3, +7, -7, -5 with octave and fifth doubles.  Tested both my guitars, Les Paul DC with internal kit, and Ibanez RG420 GK, and I have absolutely no warbles (except for harmonics).  I am not sure the cause of the warble-free conditions (maybe it is the different GP-10). I could always force a warble with a C add 2 open chord, but cannot get it to warble under these conditions.  Attached is a live set with 99 init patches if you want to test. Be sure to backup your patches before overwriting with the 99 init patches. 
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