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I play classic guitar, nylon string, I travel insanely (10 months per year with no fix home). I am trying to find the best "nomad set up" so that I can travel without the guitar and tons of tools.. but still play in jam or with solo gig (I do midi + boss 505 loop)..... at the moment I have a classic guitar mounting an RCM and a GR 33... but... I want to move to a "buy guitar on local flea market + smart midi small kit" . I am not too handy.. so I can not easily mount my RCM on a new guitar.. I need a more practical solution..

my solution so far was:

get the boss sy300 and travel without the guitar.. buy an amplified (or travel with a piezo) classic guitar at any flea market and voila..

but... i just discovered thanks to this forum about the tripleplay and its app... or even the tonewood app connected to phone or ipad midi apps.... or... maybe you have better ideas!!

my goal is to travel light and have a midi system that can allow me to play and perform solo, the system should have decent sounds and a good and fast polyphonic response....  (or easy to add patches.. - for sounds and response I am quite happy with the gr33 and I would like to have a similar tool)

help and advices are very much appreciated!!

thank you!


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Check out a laptop running Jamorigin midi guitar:

Great for "old fashioned" sounds on a nylon guitar.
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that's great!

I am getting jam origin and midi guitar for ipad


I just need a piezo and I am all set! thank you so much!

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I am getting jam origin and midi guitar for ipad

Understand there is is a performance loss ( and less functions ) using the iPad version of Jam Origin MIDI Guitar vs the Win/Mac version

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did you try it?

I am reading very good review for the ipad......

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It's true that the iPad version is slightly less functional than the full WIN/OSX version of MIDI Guitar 2 but with Audiobus and a couple of tools you can get a lot out of it. I was playing with it yesterday on iPad Mini via my RMC powered Godin and thinking I'd be prepared to do certain kinds of MIDI guitar gigs with just the iPad, a powered monitor and an IK BlueBoard. I wrote a blog post about it but haven't published it yet. Coming soon :)

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that's great!

I am getting jam origin and midi guitar for ipad


I just need a piezo and I am all set! thank you so much!

Make sure that you're happy with the sound of a bridge piezo
, I've used a transducer piezo glued inside the body with both SY 300
and with Jamorigin MG and the MG doesn't trig well with the full body sound
( but the sound is way better than a bridge piezo )
but the SY does trig beautifully. ( but it sucks playing chords )
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