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The lead guitar shows up about a minute in.
Thank you! You just sold me on the GP-10. I should have it Wednesday! These patches alone make it invaluable!
After much whining early on, I've finally got a hang of using my H8000 for polyphonic pitch shifting. I made this recording comparing it side by side with an Electro Harmonix polyphonic pitch shifter, both at -1 octave, 100% wet to simulate a bass. The contrast is stark, as should be expected... The H8000 lives up to it's reputation. Stunning detail. Respect to Eventide
Boss Katana Patch Exchange / Katana - TWEED_PRINCETONISH
« Last post by admsustainiac on Today at 03:44:42 PM »
wzpgsr wrote>
I spent some time today trying to match my Katana to an amp based on the tweed Princeton at practice room levels for a classic jazz tone. My Princeton-ish clone has a 10" Altec and an 8" Jensen, and my Katana has a WGS 12C/S. Accounting for differences in the cabs, I think I got pretty close. The guitar I used is a laminate hollowbody with a P90 in the neck position. The gain on the Princeton clone is around 1 o'clock with the tone control wide open. (This clone uses a different tone stack than a real Princeton.) The tone should be rich in the midrange with a just the tiniest bit of breakup if you really hammer hard. YMMV with other guitars/pickups/volumes/rooms, etc.

Here's the TSL file:

Yeah Baby - YEAH!!!

(Image removed from quote.)
it was called the Casio PG-380

Mike Martell ( writes:
Apart from the synth built in, the guitar itself, a strat style "Ibanez", is of very high quality. [Equivalent to a late 1980's Ibanez Roadstar II] Adding the synth makes it THE MOST ADVANCED GUITAR EVER BUILT allowing the full transition from a normal screaming strat to a scary synthezised dentists drill by by slowly turning a knob on the guitar. Seen from the front it looks like a normal strat (S/S/H) with a Hex-pickup close to the floyd rose tremolo and a small panel below. On the panel there are 12 small buttons for controlling patches and octave, a 2-digit LED display, and two LED's for the built-in tuner. Strat-wise there is a five pole pickup selector and controls for tone, guitar volume and synth volume. Apart from a normal DIN MIDI-OUT connector there one mono output for guitar only and a stereo for guitar + synth. The synth can be set to send on six different MIDI channels, one for each string, or everything over one channel. Tracking is very good, and you can even bend the tones to play your favourite blues. The backside is full of electronics and a slot for the ROM cards. Acoustically it has quite a woody sound due to all the chambers routed for electronics.
Comments About the Sounds:
The built in patches is not so good but with a VZ synth module or keyboard you can design your own sounds

Roland GR-55 Discussion / Re: GR-55 Error message
« Last post by Elantric on Today at 02:38:23 PM »
Read the Gumtown GR-55 Floorboard app Help file;sa=downfile&id=86

What GR-55 Patches are  you downloading from the Roland site (provide URL links)?

meanwhile we have over 1,600 GR-55 patches right here:
Roland GR-55 Discussion / Re: GR-55 Error message
« Last post by mak on Today at 01:58:00 PM »
Not sure how I can use it to download a patch from say roland web site and install on my gr55.
Boss GP-10 Patch Exchange (GK Input) / Re: GP-10 Pod's Eno-esque Organ
« Last post by Hurricane on Today at 01:57:44 PM »

Always love listening to your stuff - The vids are cool too .

Every so often I find as I search stuff synth/midi guitar in older archives
on the web , I find your stuff and that is very cool .

You have that [ Motion Picture Sound Track ] thing going so well .

I have to give this a wack too .

EZ :

Boss GP-10 Patch Exchange (GK Input) / Re: GP-10 - NYLON AutanaAinsoph
« Last post by Hurricane on Today at 01:52:23 PM »
¡ Wowzers man - that's great sounding/playing - Cool !
Except :
(Image removed from quote.)

Inspired by the valuable contributions of other users, whom I mentioned at end of the demo video, this my first Patch Exchange post, and I chose the guitar nylon subject and Boss GP-10, looking for achieve more realistic acoustic sounds for classic, flamenco, Latin rock, pop, smooth jazz, Brazilian and other related styles.

In my country, Venezuela, musicians grown an entire life surrounded by acoustic instruments such as guitar, cuatro venezolano (ukulele cousin) tiple, mandolin, harp llanera "arpa llanera" etc. and its sound is like the air we breathe. So taking advantage of that I dared to create this patches collection (I named NyRaC - The Nylon Real Acoustic Collection), hoping  the results are at least half as good as expected.

Included audio and video demos reference. Thanks for listen and watch. Your opinions and criticisms could open a thread for technical and stylistic discussion.   

¡ Deveras socio , estas suenan de aquellas !

Tengo un socio Venenzolano [ Ross Sparrow ] que toca Reggae , ¿ aver si lo conoces ?

Really man those patches sound really great .


EZ :

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