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Guitarists from the former Soviet countries
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:36:47 AM »
Next time you get stuck in a rut, and find yourself using the same old hooks, etc. etc., take a look at some videos of these remarkable guitarists for some inspiration.
You will obviously notice that the unfamiliar guitars these guys use.  Even when US guitars were smuggled in, they were unaffordable to the average person. In the fifties even Britan had an embargo on US instruments, which created a bit of a demand for any brand of electric throughout much of Europe.
Amongst the hordes of barely usable " copy" guitars, a string of factory's in Czechoslovakia were making quality guitars and basses, that everyone could afford. The guitar of choice in the circle of Soviet guitarists was the semi hollow  Jolana Tornado.

Following are links. Please remember these guys rarely had actual guitar amps, but a few of the guys did use pa heads that included echo, and they kept them close at hand to adjust the echo to their unique playing style and use of vibrato bar.

I hope you find some inspiration from these pioneers that are destined to fade away into obscurity.

Guitarists from Soviet era countries;

REMIS - this guy has such a unique style finger bending , vibrato, and echo.


(fast forward to 3:30)






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Re: Guitarists from the former Soviet countries
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Interesting post, I've never heard this way of playing and phrasing.
I got captivated by the melismatic phrasing of ELMAN NAMAZOGLU
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Re: Guitarists from the former Soviet countries
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Wow. Thank you for compiling these and bringing them to our attention!

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Re: Guitarists from the former Soviet countries
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One of the best blues players is Boris Bulkin, a russian guy.