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DubStep Wooble Bass & Today's POP Sounscapes
« on: June 18, 2017, 06:27:15 PM »

Fellows :

Music goes around and around , we listen and we evolve with it or so go many of us
who play besides traditional Standards/Jazz/Blues/CW/Rock-A-Anything , esoterica stuff .

This group is among those who are on the leading edge of how it's done electronically .

Synth sounds have grabbed me since Dick Hyam's explosive beginnings . Nothing is sacred
Bach - Beethoven ... Gregorian Chants to ELP's HO Down - The Who's Teenage WasteLand .

Social media has created a bevy of artistic expression that you can not avoid and in this
sea of  " How-To Video " soundscapes DubStep synth's sounds have found a strong foothold in listeners
that are outside of it's generation  . It's been reaching into commercials to on TV . I would say by now
it's pretty much a main stream sound .

I at one point I found these crescendo packed explosions of 140 plus BPM motivating and giving feeling's of
up beat and quick paced mindset thinking .

Then after the X to the 1,000,000 power the same thing hit me like a rotated Top 40 FM radio - disgust - show .

Those How to - The Top 10 - The Newest - Top Ten Cool Ways To - really I began not - not like - to put it easy .

So here I am today - my updated gear besides replace the worn/ stolen /broken - with improvements...

Some of  these additional improvements allow me ( and you know who you other's are  :o ) to go into these newly
POPULAR soundscapes . Our guitar's , modules , FX engines put us right on that cutting edge today and guitar synths do it
in a way cool visual manner I might add . As I think/thought about it , it was a good feeling that came over me to know
theoretically to be able to visualize how to , and now go on and do it , [YMMV] .

It's all so do able too . It's like ambient type soundscapes that many here are doing only on a steroids level .

Standard types of POP Rock/Jazz/Blues/CW vs Baroque/Rococo electronically if a comparison could possibly be drawn . 

Anyone else here wanna chime in ?

I'm throwing down on trying to compose something like this Dubstep Wobble to my synth sounds and into what
I play . It's besides a cool thing in my ears , it's also quite a current sound that is gaining world appeal . The Octaver
in my FX unit is the  first step to test this Wobble with Flanger FX it's got triggered and controlled with foot controller expression
pedal -

In my case , it's gonna be a Source Audio Hot Hand 3 I guess . I  really wasn't planning this . But as I sat listening
to a How To Video the music was awesome - the same one I disliked/liked/disliked only a few days ago . Pretty sure the GR33 has
what I need to feed this beast of an attempt with the a for mentioned FX pedal/ & Ring . 

This you have already herd :


This maybe not :

I know you are out there , you're not alone  ;) ...

EZ :