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Re: Godin LGX-SA / LGXT
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On a bit of a different issue... when using patches on the GR-55 that involve my normal PU, for some reason I get a bit of buzzing whenever I lift my fingers off the string... not string buzzes or vibration, but it's definitely electronic. Not enough to pose a problem while playing, but something that I can notice and is a bit of a bother to my own ears. When I put my fingers on the strings and start playing, it sounds beautiful... soon as I stop touching the strings, however, it comes back. any thoughts as to what this could possibly be?

90% of my guitars do that too - its due to locale EMI / EMF fields

your body is mostly water and a good electrical conductor . and makes less noise when properly earth grounded  = which occurs when you touch the strings which are also earth grounded

Often the noise is reduced if you rotate your whole body 90 degrees - in other words - if you experience hum when facing north - rotate your body to face west or east to reduce hum.

That is normal.

The strings are earthed so when you touch them your body becomes earthed and no longer acts as an antennae and electrical hum is reduced.

Nearly every other conductive part on a guitar should also be earthed for noise reduction reasons.

If a part isn't earthed and you touch it (while not touching something that is earthed..) the hum will generally increase.

If the hum reduction when touching the pups/selector still occurs when you are already touching the strings that would imply your strings are not earthed. Most guitars  run a wire from one of the bridge post holes to earth - to earth ground the strings, so your body will be grounded.

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Re: Godin LGX-SA / LGXT
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Odd that this only happens with the 13 pin output, though, isn't it? When I plug directly into a standard guitar rig of peddles and an amp just using the normal magnetic pickups it doesn't happen. Thanks for the explanation though. Never been much of a science guy but it's interesting to know this for sure. Still love my Godin... my next guitar is probably going to be from them as well if I can afford it!